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No description

Keely Zhang

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Comps

Introduction Why are FBLA competitions Conferences SO AWESOME? Learn Compete Win Individual Group COMPETITION TYPES: Business Technology Finance Career Speaking Scholarships
Recognition Committee Congratulations: Competitions Future Business Leaders of America
10/11 Tomorrow -
6 PM - 8:30 PM
HERE! Turn in at
End of Meeting

$90 + Completed Form Presentation Case Study Banking and Financial Systems
Business Ethics
Global Business
Management Decision Making
Parliamentary Procedure Business Financial Plan
Business Plan
Business Presentation
Digital Design and Promotion
Digital Video Production Technology Computer Game and Simulation Programming
Desktop Publishing
Management Information Systems
Network Design
Virtual Business Challenge
Website Design How do I become a part of this AWESOMENESS? turn in competitions application next meeting or sign up online tinofbla.org $3 sign up after meeting Initation Ceremony ALL MEMBERS HIGHLY ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND! BSC Survey Quick
Form Complete Computer Lab
Survey for Cookies! PR COMMITTEE Learn to make! SIGN UP ON TINOFBLA.ORG
Due Oct. 22nd 11:59 PM! Drawing for $50! Matthew Porras, Sunny He,
Gopika Hari, Jonathan Ngan, Jonathan Mo, Calvin Yin
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