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7.03 Minority Rights: Honors

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Jenny Nguyen

on 14 June 2014

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Transcript of 7.03 Minority Rights: Honors

In Afghanistan, rights that seem given to us in America are not available to Afghan women such as being able to marry who you want, having an education, wearing what you want, saying what you want, and being who you want. Some women even have to stay in abusive marriages even if they don't want to be. In Afghanistan, men are superior and decide what women do and women do not get the moral rights they deserve.
Fortunately, there are quite a few organizations that help Afghan women earn the rights they strive for such as Afghan Women's Organization, RAWA, and Amnesty International. These organizations make this situation noticed and bring attention to people who aren't involved to make a difference in these women's lives.
Organizations Active
Methods or Strategies
Ideas that the Afghan women could borrow from American movements are forming organization groups that stride to change the law, getting more people involved, making notice to the government, staying nonviolent, and speaking out for themselves publicly.
Ideas from American Movements
The Issue
By Jenny Nguyen
Women's Rights in Afghanistan
These organizations help the women of Afghanistan to gain their human rights by holding nonviolent protests, raising media attention to this situation, and gathering petitions.
Is Success Down the Road?
According to the organizations, these protests and efforts to gain human rights for these women are effective and making change in Afghanistan. Based on the actions they are taking now, I do believe they're going to be successful for they continue to speak up and let not only their country be notified, but other countries as well. I think spreading the word will help them gain their independence.
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