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Copy of Pandora's Box

English Presentation on Greek Mythology

Bhavin Patel

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Pandora's Box

Pandora Pandora- Created by the gods in order to punish Prometheus.
Prometheus- His name means "forethought." He stole fire from the gods in order to give it to humans.
Zeus- the king of the Greek gods. He punished Prometheus for stealing fire from the gods.
Epimetheus- Prometheus' brother, and his name means "hindsight." He became Pandora's husband after being dazzled by her beauty.
Hephaestus-The god of volcanoes, fire, blacksmiths and craftsmen. He sculpted Pandora out of earth and water.
Apollo- God of light, music, prophecy, medicine, plague, dance, poetry, intellectual curiosity, herds and flocks. He granted Pandora the gift of musical talent.
Aphrodite- Goddess of love and beauty. She granted Pandora grace and physical beauty.
Hermes- The gods' messenger and also the god of travelers, merchants, weights, measures, orators, literature, athletes and thieves. He granted Pandora a conniving personality.
Athena- Goddess of wisdom, the arts, justice, skill and war. She gave Pandora the gifts of clothing, ornamentation and craft making.
Hera- wife of Zeus. She later granted Pandora the gift of curiosity. Story Names Bibliography Interpretation I feel that Pandora's story is one that closely relates to the world. She has a trait that all humans contain: curiosity. Her temptation to open the box that she had strictly been told not to open was an expression of the human quality of temptation. I feel that Pandora was urged to open the box because she had been told explicitly not to open it. This warning only caused Pandora to grow more curios. In fact, urges like these are shown in everyday life. When someone is told not to do something, even though they may not do it, the urge to do exactly the opposite of what they have been told gets stronger. Another reason I am interested in the story of Pandora's Box is because of the box itself. That particular box is supposedly the reason why we have evil in the world today. It is an interesting concept that leads to a moral. This moral is that good and bad events can be the product of curiosity. In Pandora's Box, the outcome is good and bad. While she unleashes demons and sadness into the world alongside other evil beings, Pandora also manages to release Hope, a little piece of encouragement that shows that while there is evil, there can always be good. This story can be interpreted on many levels and in many ways, however, these are the ways that I understood the story. History Pandora's box is an origin myth- a story that explains how something started or began. This story explains how grief and despair came into the world. Pandora's Box also explains how the first woman came to be and how curiosity can be positive or negative. However, the main point of this story was to explain how all the dreadful things in the world arose. Showing how evil begins appeared makes this myth a origin story. Hesiod, a Greek oral poet, wrote about Pandora in his earliest creation. Although her story is brief, it is used to explain how Prometheus was punished for stealing fire to give to mankind. Hesiod, as thought by scholars, was active in literature and poetry in around 750 and 650 BC, around the same time as Homer. Hesiod has also written two other works. After Prometheus stole fire from the gods in order to give it to humans, Zeus decided to punish Prometheus and his creation: mankind. In order to punish Prometheus, Zeus chained him and set an eagle to eat his liver each day. Of course, being an immortal allowed his liver to grow back each day, but he still had to endure the pain. In order to
punish mankind, Zeus created Pandora. With the
help of other gods, Zeus gave her many gifts,
resulting in her name, which means "all gifts."
However, one of the most valuable gifts was
a pithos or jar (later turned into a box).
Then, Pandora was sent to Earth, where
Epimetheus, Prometheus' brother, fell in
love with Pandora. Hermes told Epimitheus that the box, or pithos, was a gift for him, but warned him not to open it.
Epimetheus relayed this message to Pandora,
and warned her to not open the container.
However, one day when Epimetheus was not
present, Pandora's curiosity got the best of
her. Hera's gift, curiosity, urged Pandora to
open the box. Hera Pandora opened the box, only to reveal all the misfortunes of mankind. Dread, hatred, sickness and others leave the box until finally one one figure is left: Hope. Hope comes out and flies into the world as well, showing that mankind always has hope in the midst of evil. Hesiod Pithos The box that Pandora had been given was at first depicted as a jar, or pithos. A scholar, Erasmus, translated Pandora's story from Hesiod's work. Erasmus had been translating from Greek to Latin and translated the Greek word 'pithos' to the Latin words 'pyxis' which means box. Now, the term box is more commonly used to express Pandora's gift. "Myths and Legends." Origins of Pandora's Box. N.p., n.d. Web.
"Greece Myths: Pandora." , the First Woman on Earth. N.p., n.d. Web.
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"What Is the Original Story of Pandora's Box?" Yahoo! Answers. Yahoo!, n.d. Web. Anushna Patel
Mrs. Panes, P7
English 1A
22 January 2013 Connections A connection I made from the story to myself was the trait or "gift" that both Pandora and I share. Both of us are very curios and in some cases, the result is a good one, but other times, it's not. However, these times lead to me learning from my mistakes so that I do not make the same mistake again. Another connection I can make is between the myth and the world. The box contained many evil spirits that were released into the world. However, there was also Hope. The world has many people in it: some bad and some good, which shows that although there are horrible occurrences, the good will always fight to make everything right. That is the same way with the box. It contained many cruel thoughts and beings, but Hope was the good that would fight and always try to turn things around if the situation called for it. This is true in everyday life and in fantasies such as books, whee good fights evil.
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