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No description

Stanislav Fedorenko

on 31 May 2014

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Transcript of RealScene

Whether you are a street savvy local or a new visitor
You don't know how to spend your time
Take a look at the map and make your choice
Set range: district, street or distance
Set your preference: filter by type – Club, Pub or etc Restaurant and etc.
Get search results
Use link to web-site
Group by e-coupons or select one by one
See recommended places
Make your choice:
- See menu
- See special proposals
- See live video from web-cams and listen the sound
- Make reservations
Go and check-in
Add comments
Check where your friends are
Based on your profile see the list of your friends and where they are
Choose the place
Get more information - see address on the map
See what is performed there
Go there and check-in

Get e-coupons and proposals
Ыутв куйгуые
See available proposals based on the place where you are
Get proposal from esatblishment if locations are similar or send request and get coupon
Go to establishment and show it

Whether you are a business owner, admnistrator or manager
Let know about your establishment
Register your establishment if it wasn’t performed before
Provide information
Special proposals
Live video from web-cams and the sound
Show venue in any moment
Get opportunity to be shown as recommended place
Analyze your customers
Get information about people
Run reports
Get feedback and communicate with your customers
Create campaigns and track results in real time

Location based networking application

Start Project Location - Budapest, Hungary
Development period: 1th of April – 1th of August
From 1st of September - promotion campaign among clubs in Budapest
Initial inwestment in development about 100 000$
Foursquare by the numbers (last updated May, 2014)

Community: Over 50 million people worldwide
Over 6 billion Check-ins, with millions more every day
Businesses: Over 1.7 million using the Merchant Platform
Free plan available
Another popular Apps

Main functional difference
Billboard with announcements based on current location
Live stream video
Discount: E-coupons and direct proposals
Several solutions
Website + iOS gadget
Website + Android gadget
Website + Website mobile version
Find your target customers
By their location and profile in real time
Send e-coupons and proposal automatically
Manage you busy and quite times
- A lot of printed magazines
- Hundreds apps - the number one with similar functionality
Initial investment required 1.3 m Euros
Payback period 24 month
1000’s of clubs, bars and restaurant in Budapest
Just 100 paying venues initial targeted
Planned 10% monthly venue expansion
4000 mobile users within 6 month
300 paying venue subscription = cash flow positive
After 3 years – international rollout
After 5 years – IPO or sell
What is real scene
Host of applications
A must have solution for all establishment
Critical mass from mobile users


RealScene must provide the following functionality:
- Allow to create user profile and connect with other users with the possibility to use search engines
- Show information on map about the places (establishments) around the current user’s location with the possibility to search by range, e-coupon or proposals and/or venue type.
- Allow to see what is going in selected venue in real time via live stream video, menu, posters or link to web-site
- Allow to see billboards with announcements based on current location;
- Allow to confirm being in the establishment (check-in)
- Allow to leave comments
- Allow to see where users’ friends are
- Provide possibility to get discount (e-coupons or special proposals) based on users’ current location
- Allow to male reservation
- Allow to create establishment profile where venue information is shown: location, menu, special proposals as well as live video streaming
- Use comments service which provide possibility to leave comments and organize communication between user and establishment
- Allow establishment run statistic report which shows general attendance statistic

Thank you
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