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Treasure Map Design

No description

Kayla Wegner

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Treasure Map Design

Treasure Hunt Event Use all 50 of your vocabulary words as part of your map
Make sure each clue leads to the next
Your treasure map must have a key for terms you use
Make sure all distances are measured accurately. Use any tools you may need; foosteps, yard sticks, body length, etc
Use real photographs and video clips as clues for at least 7 of your clues.
Create a rough draft and get approval before beginning your final project.
What you MUST do Your treasure map may not lead anyone into other classrooms that are occupied
You can not leave school grounds
Do not require the person reading your map to do anything that may be an annoyance to other classes
You can not have less than 15 clues
Your clues must lead to a prize at the end. Do not lead someone to nothing!
What you must NOT do Presentations You must design your map using one of the following tools:
Due date timeline: Rough draft due 3/15
Begin work on Revisions 3/16
Class time for work 3/16-3/20
Final draft due 3/21
Treasure hunt preparation will be allowed for the first half of English class on 3/22.
Treasure hunt event will be held the second half of English class on 3/22.
Graded projects will be returned on 3/25 After all of your work is completed, we will swap projects and begin the hunt! Prizes will be awarded to the first, second, and third person to solve their treasure maps. Prizes will also be awarded to the student who has the most difficult map to solve!

By the end of this project, everyone should have a firm grasp of all 50 vocabulary words and be able to demonstrate that knowledge on our test! If, after completing this project, you are still struggling with some words, make sure to practice...practice....practice!! Test will be 4/1. In this project, you will design your own treasure hunt! Use your vocabulary words and critical thinking skills to design an elaborate map. Treasure Hunt!
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