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Marketing & Advertising

No description

Emily Laumer

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Marketing & Advertising

Marketing & Advertising Informative The Purpose of this ad is to
inform the audience of what this
car can offer. This ad targets the car buying audience. Most likely at this time, the car buying audience was the wealthier class. The demand for cars at this time was probably high which would make car sales also high. The fact that they made the price large and in bold would most likely be effective to this audience because of the demand. Entertainment The purpose of the advertisement is to get people to drink Captain Morgan by making the commercial funny and easy to remember This commercial is addressing the young adults you are legal to drink and adults in there young thirties.
This commercial is effective because it is pretty funny and people easily remember funny commercials. So people will think of this commercial and want to buy Captain Morgan. Some people might want to be a person like Captain Night Owl, so they will go out and buy Captain Morgan. At the end it says, “Calling All Captain” and people will buy this drink wanting to be a Captain.
Competitive Emotional http://www.thetruth.com/videos/stopMe.cfm The purpose of these advertisements are to cause people to have strong feelings about a product by telling or showing the consumer shocking statistics or facts. This advertisement is targeting current smokers in order to convince them to stop as well as a young audience to encourage them to avoid smoking cigarettes. These commercials are very effective because they reveal truth which is convincing to the audience. The purpose of this advertisement is to make Mac computers look better all around compared to PC computers. It makes PC's look geeky and out of date by using the representative they did, and Macs look more inovative by being represented by a younger and more appealing representative. It attracts a large audience because most consumers whant new technology. The commercial seems to be effective because it brings out the negative stereotypes of the PC such as how it is known for being an office computer and not good for creative projects, which boosts the Mac's image.
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