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Roy Lichtenstein

School presentation about Roy Lichtenstein

Paul Plowman

on 18 June 2011

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Transcript of Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein was a pop artist in the late 20th century Some Of His works include: Crying Girl Whaam! Drowning Girl Maybe Popeye In The Car Sunrise Spray: Maybe Crying girl Whaam And they were just a few! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME! Roy Lichenstein was born in 1923 and
died in 1997. Weirdly pop art created
by Roy was inspired by comics, he often copied pictures directly from comics but enhanced them to make them look better. His work never became a comic of it's own. Roy created lot's of his designs like they were for future adverts but not with the intention of ever making them an actual advert. Lichenstein never studied art until university, he took it up as a hobby and taught himself how to draw. The Facts How Pop artists saw the world: Pop artists saw the world as if anything could be art and art is what you want it to be... Pop artists were questioning what could be art. Their pictures were of subjects that previously weren't considered art, a teacup or a can of soup for example.
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