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Business Model Canvas - Caravan

Business Template

Sarkis Shahbandrian

on 26 July 2016

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Transcript of Business Model Canvas - Caravan

Business Model Canvas
Key Partners
Tourist service companies
Car rental companies
Spare part suppliers
International tourism partners
International caravan clubs

Key Activities
Value Propositions
Customer Segments
Cost Structure
Revenue Streams
Key Resources
Customer Relationships
Market Research & Analysis
Fund raising
Purchasing & Remodeling Caravans
Create contacts with Villagers

New Tourism experience in Armenia
New solution's for long road travelers
New adventure for families and Friends

Additional Value for tourist agencies

Special offers for regular customers
Price Discount for re-sellers
Multidimensional support like any technical issues or finding camping routes, etc.
Long term relationship with tourist agencies

Young People (21-55)
Adventure lovers
Adults and families
Spare parts
Parking lot
Human Resources
Online marketing expert
Website maintenance and Networking coordinator
Sales coordinator
Social Media
Tourist service offices
Car rental offices
Company registration cost
Initial investment cost in Caravans and parking lot
Marketing cost
Maintaining cost
Caravan rental service
Online payment methods for rental services
Monthly based subscription for Hotels and Tourism service offices
Fees from organized festivals and events
Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Growth
Davit Davtyan
Group Members:
Sarin Puzantian
Anasheh Hakhverdian
Taguhi Sahakyan
Nelli Kanetsyan
Sarkis Shahbandrian
Market type
Re-segmentation of existing market by employing a niche strategy
Market Size
TAM: (Total Tourists number in 2014)
1.2 M
(Young Males between 20 - 40 )
600 K
SAM: (Approximately 10 %)
180 K
Target: We will try to capture 5% of SAM
We don't have direct competitors, however will face indirect competition from substitutes:
Tourism agencies
Car rental companies
Action Items
Check driving license requirements to drive caravan in Armenia
Develop pricing model in a way to compete accommodation substitutes
In depth interviews should be conducted with tourist agencies and hotels to better determine the market size
Pricing Model
The Average Accommodation cost in Armenia
$ 13.00 (Per Person)
Number of people who can sleep in a caravan is 4
Price should be less than $ 52.00 or 25,000 AMD
We will also take into consideration
the operational cost of the Caravan
Also we will have further research for neighboring countries
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