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CareerLink for Students

No description

Career Services

on 23 May 2016

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Transcript of CareerLink for Students

Are you looking for a:
Full-time job?
Part-time job?
Work study position?
Create an account here
Once you're logged in, you can:
search for jobs and employers,
find information on career events,
upload your résumé and cover letter for employers to view,
and look for internships!
This is your homepage
View your profile
Search for employers and jobs
View events and schedule interviews
To see what's new, check out the
announcements, task list, and
upcoming events sections
When searching for jobs, you can narrow it down by position type and job category.
To search for career events,
1. Click here
2. If you know the event date, enter it here
3. Or use this drop down box to search for specific events
Look in our
Cooperative Education/Internship module to view available internship sites!
Visit CareerLink for all
of your professional
development needs!
Contact us at (406) 657-2168 or email careers@msubillings.edu

Montana State University Billings
Career Events
Before selecting an internship in CareerLink,

1. Complete the Miscellaneous section in your profile
2. Upload your résumé
3. Make an appointment with our Cooperative Education Specialist at 657-2168
To search for internships,
click here
All results you qualify for
will be listed here.
After you have confirmed your internship location with an employer and faculty, report it here
1. Enter the organization name and job title here. If you know the job title, include it in the description.
2. Hit 'save' and continue to fill out the required fields in the reporting process.
Register and Log On
Searching for a Job
Contact Career Services at (406) 657-2168 or careers@msubillings.edu
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