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Gary Paulsen

No description

Laura Flanagan

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Gary Paulsen

Gary Paulsen
My Life In Dog Years
Things he likes
He really likes reading books and writing books. He wrote Bass Reeves, How Angle Peterson Got His Name and many others.
Living in a house
Gary Paulsen didn't have an actual family life, till the age of seven years old. He lived with different people, first with his grandmother then at the age of seven he went living with his mother.
Gary Paulsen
Gary Paulsen was born in 1939, May, 17 in the USA. The state that he was born in was Minneapolis, Minnesota, where his extended family resided. They were Oscar and Eunice H.
Gary Paulsen did not meet his father untill he was 9 years old... he attempted to hurt him, but his mother appeared on the scene and beat the man to death. His father was a career army officer, on Pattons staff, who spent most of World War ll overseas.
Main Life
Gary Paulsen was a book lover from his childhood. He developed a love for reading at a very young age. When he got the first book issued from the library he went to the basement of his house and read the book nonstop. He then read several books in the basement of his house.
Gary Paulsen began mushing in 1979 and first ran the Iditarod in 1983 and again in 1985.
Fun Fact
The book he wrote about dogs tells you that he has a great love for dogs.
Fun Fact
Another book that he wrote about the sea tells you he had a love for fishing.
Interesting Fact
Gary Paulsen has a sister and a brother still living.
By Ella Berner
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