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No description

Xi Tong

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of carbon

IHao Chiu
Pragya Gupta
Xi Tong
Dong Zhao Introduction Impacts of Climate Change
the Business Performance Overview Primary Statement
GHG emissions Compatibility
CDSB requirements Evaluation of
Swiss Re Current Disclosure Practices Gap 1 2.18 Information shall be provided on an annual basis for the same period covered by the mainstream financial report, or for a period of twelve months ending that period.

--CDSB p9. CDP reporting period of Swiss Re:

Fri 01 Oct 2010 -- Fri 30 Sep 2011

Annual report period:

01 Jan 2011 -- 31 Dec 2011 Gap 2 4.15 Information about future outlook is decision-useful where: it includes an estimate(together with the methodology/rationale used for the estimate) of future movements in direct and indirect GHG emissions, taking account of expected GHG emissions/energy efficiency and reduction plans.
-- CDSB p.21 Gap 3 4.32 GHG emissions results shall be categorized/disaggregated as appropriate in the circumstances.
GHG emissions results should be broken down by:
c. Business units or divisions
--CDSB p.26 Gap 4 4.33 Movements in GHG emissions results over time shall be disclosed and explained.

-- CDSB p.26 --About the Company

--Section 1.3- Impacts of Climate Change on the Business
Different type of risks
Impacts on Business
Response to Climate Change

--Section 1.5- Performance Overview

--Section 1.6 - Future Outlook

--Section 2.0 & 3.0- Primary Statement of GHG emissions & Gaps Swiss Re The Swiss Re Group a leading wholesale provider of reinsurance, insurance and other insurance-based forms of risk transfer. Super Sector Leader Swiss Re tops the list of the world’s most sustainable companies in the insurance industry, and has been named the insurance "Super Sector Leader" by SAM in their 2012 annual review for the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes. The Global 500 CDLI 2011
-Financial sector Source: CDP Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index 2011 Future Outlook --Even though the reduction target was overachieved, the target will not increase due to special circumstances
--Key areas to strength our efforts --Seize business opportunities:
The company will enhance its risk management capacity and develop climate change- related products and services that satisfy client’s need

--Reducing our carbon footprint
Greenhouse Neutral Programme
The COYou2 Reduce and Gain Programme

--Support projects and sponsor activities
The Climate Foundation Switzerland
Climate Week NYC Risks Opportunities Risks Opportunities Section 1.3 Section 1.5 Section 1.6 Section 2.0 Section 3.0 Thank you
Questions? 1. Tue 16th Oct. 2. Tue 16th Oct. Tue 16th Oct. 3. 4. Tue 16th Oct. 5. Tue 16th Oct. 6. Tue 16th Oct. 7. 8. Tue 16th Oct. 9. Tue 16th Oct. 10. Tue 16th Oct. 11. Tue 16th Oct. 12. Tue 16th Oct. 14. Tue 16th Oct. 16. Tue 16th Oct. 18. Tue 16th Oct. 19. Tue 16th Oct. 20. Tue 16th Oct. 21. Tue 16th Oct. 22. Tue 16th Oct. 23. Tue 16th Oct. 24. Tue 16th Oct. 25. 26. Tue 16th Oct. 27. 28. Tue 16th Oct. 29. Tue 16th Oct. --Scope1 & 2 gradually declined.
Due to internal emission reduction activities

-- Scope 3 in 2011 increased
Due to new legal structures and economical up-turn, travel activities have intensified

-- Cutting down of the business travel emission:
Gradually replacing our extensive video-conferencing network with new teleconference technology. 15. Tue 16th Oct. -- Behavioral
Provide information & advice on climate and other environment topic to employees

-- Transportation use
encourage a reduction in air travel

-- Low carbon energy purchase
The goal is to have 100% electricity from renewable energy sources by 2013

-- Energy efficiency: building services
rented out lower carbon footprint buildings to Non-Swiss Re tenants 17. Tue 16th Oct. References Climate Disclosure Standards Board - Edition 1.0 September 2010

Swiss Re CDP 2008-2012 Investor Information Request Available at:

2009-2011 Swiss Re Corporate Responsibility Report avaliable at:

2010-2011 RSA Corporate Resbonsibility Report available at:

www.swissre.com Benchmark Company: RSA CSR Report 2010-2011 30. 13. Tue 16th Oct. *2003 is the base year
**Business travel is our highest single impact and we have included it in Scope 2 the corrsponding emissions amount to 28483 tCO2 ***target:since 2003 to the level of a 50.6% reduction
****predicted employee Performance Overview *Assumption: the net cost for the year 2010 is not available
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