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Science Fair Project

No description

Corine Bennett

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of Science Fair Project

Due: December 1, 2014
Science Fair Project
Project must include the following:
Testable question (How does___affect ____? )
Purpose (The purpose of this project is to _____________. )
Research (Find out all about it)
Hypothesis (If, then statement)
Projects can take the form of:
Power point
Tri-fold board (a must if you want to enter the school fair)
Good science fair projects
logs (record all data collected and observations you noticed)
Websites to look for ideas:




Materials List
List of Variables (controlled, independent, dependent)
Procedure of how to do experiment
Graphs and charts to show results
Conclusion - My hypothesis was ________
The Results indicate that this hypothesis should be considered___________
Because of the results of this experiment ____________________
If I were to conduct this science fair project again I would _____________________
Abstract (if entering the school fair)
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