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Right-left Handed Chair.

No description

tota nane

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Right-left Handed Chair.

Right-left Handed Chair
Team 2

Member 1:
Abrar Saeed Al.Amoudi.( 1333196).
Member 2:
Dania Ali Al.Fozan.(1333105).
Member 3:
Hanan Ahmad Mubarak.(1333769).
Member 4:
Mashael Hadhidh Al.Zubaly.(1232903).

The Idea of ​​Invention

Arm design flexible installed in the rear back of
the chair in a way geometric elaborate and choose the iron -reinforced to withstand a large force him to allow the student to choose position he desires and that are comfortable to him before sitting down with the rotation of the arm as evidenced in the back of the chair through the design of gully be directed to this arm angle 180 degree . This arm is designed strictly in terms of the choice of the force required and appropriate material and unsustainable for both sides and focus on the weaknesses and strengthened properly and studied the way Engineering correct in addition to platelets iron in inside the writing desk to consolidate power even seating for the student

The Objective

1- Suitable for all students, both those who
write with the right hand or the left and
at the same time be able to carry the same
load from both sides

2- The invention is designed for all students
and is designed so that everyone is comfortable sitting in the case and at the same time be able to absorption in the lecture

4- The invention provides an established work chairs only for students who write with the left hand and the other chairs for students who write with the right hand, as it can be and having students do not write with the left hand in a lecture given so we have lost the space which the chairs and put them in addition to the cost

Artifact Selection
3D Sketches
Testing an Assembly Plan
& Evaluation
Assembly Plan
We bought the structure of the chair.
We add a double leather cover to the chair seat
resistant to tearing and heat.
The most important part is the table part no.(3) that we formed it with a bigger dimension 30*46cm. made from the Mahogany wood and we cut it using a mechanical saw powered by electricity.
Then we use an electric device for grinding the wood of the table.
After that we shape the stainless steel C- shaped arm through bend it by the warming folding machine and cut it using an electric chainsaw.
Then we installed the table between the two railways of the C-shaped arm by Hex Bolt nail style.
Then we put the installed table arm in the middle of the stainless steel path part no.(1).
Finally, we assemble all these parts as its shown and we installed them in the back of our chair using the iron welding tool.

The KT Potential problem analysis (PPA)
The environmental and social impact
Our project which is chair to the table moving left and right serve the community greatly, especially college students because most of the chairs are with the table on the right and this is a tall order for students who write by hand left and harmful to their health because they are forced to tilt their backs for writing and besides it reduces their understanding and assimilation of the lecture and their performance in, the tests therefore, our project will help them significantly, both from the health aspect, or the study aspect. In this chair, students can write comfortably without having to bend back and thus lead to increased focus on lectures and improve school performance. Also ,our Project has a positive impact on the environment which are the product does not harm the environment directly and does not require the use of electric power.

People helped us

Arch. Osama Al-Zahrani

is an Architecture student at the University of Dammam

He is the person who drawing our chair 3d " hand drawing

Right-left Handed Chair
KTDA Table


The Cost
544 S.R

3- The designs of chairs that are currently affecting the
students who are writing with the left hand in a clear and tangible through his body to roll student writing desk and this affects the lower back negative as well as concern for the student to focus full lecture.


Dunker Diagram
Problem1: Lack of attention of the responsible party to students who write with the left hand
Problem2: Chairs are available in a class not comfortable for students who write with the left hand.
Eng. Abdullah Al-kaf .

an Industrial Engineer

He helped us in the first design of the project

Mr.Ali Al-Fozan

The father of the socond member 'Dania'.

Mrs. Noor Bawazir

The mother of the first member 'Abrar'.

She Supported us with a lots of ideas and communicate us with doctors

The sketches of the project components
Part 1.

Assembling the parts

Part 2
Part 3
Adverse consequence
Cost estimation
Are you favoring the idea of our project to be chairs for everyone whatever their handed uses?
Dr. Anwar

is a specialized in Rehabilitation Medicine-Indonesia

He encouraged the idea because many cases come to him complaining of Back pain due to the lack of left-handed chairs

Amani Al-Fozan
Tahani Al-Zahrani
They help us in the designs and decorations of the project and celebration

The chair with its table on the left side

The chair with its table
on the right side

The chair with its table
on the left side

The chair with its table
on the right side

The chair with its table in the middle

Dr. Nahla Abu Fadhilah.

is a Director of Project Management in King Abdul Aziz University

She explained for us the strategy of distribution chairs in the classes
Eng. Faisalul-eslam Qasemul Asaad.
Mechanical engineering student at King Abdul Aziz University
He gave us a help in the using of Solid work
Who help us a lot in making
the project
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