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Copy of Discussing technology enhanced learning

No description

Fotini Matara

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Discussing technology enhanced learning

Discussing technology enhanced learning ...or information overload? Don' forget that technology is to help learners apply their education to the real world. "What good are computers?
They can only give you answers"
Picasso Answers may provide information, but it's
Knowledge that really matters. The knowledge to frame questions, make connections and to help us work out whether the answers are the ones we are looking for. Technology enhanced learning empowers the digitally and socially excluded to learn anywhere,anytime. What about teachers? Therefore we should... Digital devices should not become just a speed up version of what we have done for decades. Instead, technology should be used to understand better how we learn, and so help us learn better. Technology per se is not panacea for gaining knowledge and intellectual creativity. After all... The future of educational technologies.. However we should keep in mind that... Augmented reality. The future of education Easy access... Because... Also... And most importantly.. Thank you! CISA3 Open Lab Night Showcases 'Life Cycle' of Cultural Heritage. California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology.

Noss, Richard. (2012)System upgrade. Realizing the vision for UK Education. Technology enhanced learning research programme.

24 Ed-Tech Terms you should Know www.edtechmagazine.com


www.simplyzesty.com The present and the future of technology in education?
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