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The Process...Coverletters, Resumes, and Interviews

No description

Tonya Vaden

on 10 November 2016

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Transcript of The Process...Coverletters, Resumes, and Interviews

Contact Information
Career Objective
Work Experience
Awards & Certificates
Extracurricular Activities
Hobbies & Interests
Skills & Abilities
Resume Information
Cover Letters, Resumes, & Interviews
The Process
1 Page ONLY
A brief statement that expresses your professional goal
Cover Letters
why Why Why?
Cover Letters
It's a business letter...really...a business letter all about you!
And the process begins...
Your Resume....
one more tool to market yourself!!!

Yes....there is a process
Hum.....I need a job
Cover Letters are Advertisements...
Cover Letter
Cover Letters
to EMPHASIZE the SKILLS and EXPERIENCE you have that is RELEVANT to the position you are seeking...
The purpose is....
You Have to MATCH
You cover letter needs to answer these questions....
Why are you writing?
Why are you interested in the position?
Why should the Employer be interested in you?
What is your next step?
Do's and Please Don'ts
Never send a resume without a cover letter
Address to a specific person...not "to whom it may concern"
Follow standard business letter rules
Spell, punctuate, and, paragraph correctly
Answer the questions
Be careful not too repeat resume
Avoid using "I" to often
Be brief and to the point
Close with a direct request
A Really Bad Cuver Leter
To Hoom it mae cusern,
I waunt to apply for ht er reporter job what I saw in the paper. i can type real quik wit one finggar and so sum a countin.
I think I am good on teh phoen and i am a people person, people really seam to respond to me well, certain men and all the ladies.

Im lookin for a job as a reporter but it musent be to complicated.
I no my spelling is not to good but find that offen can get a job thru my peronsinalety. My y salerery is open so we can discuss what you think am werth.
I can start imeditely. thanks in advance for your anser.

Hopifuly your best applicant so farr.

Bryan...nickname Beefy.
What Does This Mean?

Capable person reqd fro perm posn in accounts dept. Prev exp in similar posn pref. Good h'hand essent and some typ exp reqd. We offer immed start in our lux off with excel conds. Sal neg to $8500. Ph 535 7669 ex 852 for appt during bus hrs. Refs nec.

Capable person required for permanent position in accounts department. Previous experience in similar position preferred. Good shorthand is essential and some typing experience required. We offer immediate start in our luxury office with excellent conditions. Salary negotiable to $8500. Telephone ....extension....for appointment during business hours. References will be necessary.
Provides advance contact with employer
Your skills are invisible without one
Americans change jobs....often!
Shows your benefits
Must have three....
Must be UNrelated.....
Must ask in advance...
Hum, Who do I ask?
Complete Information.
What does a 10 second glance say to the employer?
Is your resume RELEVANT?
Did you have someone review it?
Points to Remember
What's In A Name?
What do these address's say to potential employers?
Side Note....
OH My They did WHAT?
Without An Objective....You Appear to Lack Direction...
In General.....keep it to 12 WORDS OR LESS
It can be GENERAL in nature but needs to be SPECIFIC if you can
To apply the knowledge acquired through a bachelor's degree in Marketing and Communications
Good Vs. Bad
To obtain a career on the information supper highway

To build a long-term career in ‘your profession’ with opportunities for career growth

To honor Jerry McGuire...show me the money
What Happens In an Interview?
1st Impressions......
A conversation to get to know each other.....
Are you suitable for them.....Will they like what they hear from you?
4 Phases of the Interview

1st impression....
The sales pitch begins
Personal introductions are made
Questions are asked
Information is exchanged
Your chance to ask questions
Be prepared
Shake Hands Firmly
Sit up STraight
Dress Appropriately
Know where you are going
Eye Contact....entire interview
Listen...(to their name especially
Address by Mr....Ms.
Positive Attitude
Do NOT....
Fidget or look at your watch...
Ask about salary...Why?
Make negative comments about anyone
Divulge too much personal information
Act desperate
slouch...chew gum, smell like....hum, anything
Be late
Take a cell phone with you
Interview Attire....
73% employers say attire has a strong influence
Initial DECISIONS are made within 5 minutes
Don't under dress....or OVER dress
Dressing well shows respect to the interviewer
Most Common Mistakes...
77%....answering a call or texting
75% ...appear disinterested
72%....dressing inappropriately
72%....appearing arrogant
67%.....talking negatively about current or previous employer
63%....chewing gum
Questions & Answers
where you will struggle.....but you don't have to!!!!
Common Interview Questions....(handout)
Back it up Buttercup!!....have examples to your answers...
Have answers prepared (intelligent ones)
Know the company you are applying to...
Ask Questions....
Saying Thanks....
91% of employers find it helpful in the hiring process if you show appreciation after the interview
Handwritten NOTE (preferred)
....within 24-48 hours
....Keep it short
.....Good grammar

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