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Adobe Photoshop Project

Ideas and progress of my work

Nedelcho Bachkarov

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Adobe Photoshop Project

Adobe Photoshop Project My idea was to recreate how a street looked in past
so I took some pictures of not such a busy street/alley. Idea and first pictures I had to make the image look older so I had to remove the cars and the new buildings. I also wanted to put an old looking buildings on the left and on the right of the picture. Other pictures used I used the building on the right to hide the cars in my main project pictures. The horse carriage was used in order to make the picture look "older" Editing I did not need all the elements of the original pictures so I started removing them. After that I created another alley to the right and added a building so that the alley can look more like a street. I thought the picture would look better if I reduce the lightning
and this is why I tried to give the feeling as the picture was taken
before sunset. I added some lamps and made them glow. After that I decided to put a new sky, more contrasting
one. The left side of the picture still looked a bit empty
and this is why I decided to put a building there as well. In order to make my story look more realistic
I added an old looking horse carriage. After that
I improved the reflections of the lamps in the canal Final touches I added a black and white layer, covering
all other layers. I think the picture looks
better that way. I also "burned" the surface
under the objects I have added so they can
look more like they have been there.
I was not satisfied with the way the right
side of the image looked. I decided to crop
a part of the picture althought I am not sure if this was a right thing to do. I also added a filter so the final
picture can look a bit more
realistic. Final Image Where I got my idea from
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