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Dental Hygiene Practice Management - Final Project

No description

Chloe Rowsome

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Dental Hygiene Practice Management - Final Project

Dental Hygiene Practice Management
Components of the office
4 dental chairs
reception desk in waiting room
digital sign-in screen
plasma tvs above each dental chair
CSR room
supply room
filing room (locked at all times)
staff lunch and storage room
radiography room with processing area
other dental hygienists
insurance company
oral surgeon
medical & dental plumber
commercial medical janitorial services
dental reps

Dental Damsels
Green Dental Suppliers
(Credible Dealer)
Dental Equipment
dentalplanet.com & smartpractice.com
(Credible Dealers)
Interior Design
Our practice is designed to make clients feel at ease in our relaxing environment. Warm, neutral tones and soft lighting brings the breathe-easy feel to our dental office.
Final Project
Office and reception
Mission Statement
Our office strives to inspire and motivate the community towards overall health and balance. We are passionate about educating clients on healthy oral habits and delivering care and treatment with excellence.
Vision Statement
Our practice will change the way you think about your teeth. A pleasant environment, upbeat staff and a breathe easy atmosphere.
Core Values
our dental team is passionate about providing our clients with individualized treatment and care
we aim to be the best at what we do!
balanced lifestyles and relationships allow for a sustainable, healthy atmosphere within our office
strong ethics and morals... we do what's right.
Waiting Room
Hallway to Operatories
Dental Operatories
cotton rolls
bib clips
head rest covers
patient bibs
tray covers
syringe tips
HVE tips
prophy cups & paste
dry angles
fluoride varnish
(with dispensers)
unit barriers
eye wear
spill kit
surface cleaners &
over gloves
sterilization pouches
ultrasonic solutions
ultrasonic unit
autoclave unit

Dental chairs
Dental lights
Cavitron units
Cord-less prophy system
Digital xray system
View box
Curing lights
Intra-oral cameras
Our instruments and cavitron tips are already owned by each hygienist.
All purchased at Target™
Office chair
Paper, pens
Computer, ink
Coffee, sugar, cream
Keurig™ machine
Office Policies and Procedures
Included in our manual:
employee benefits
WHIMIS training/requirements
CPR/First Aid training
office emergency procedures
office hours of operation
employee scheduling
records management
confidentiality agreement
$ handling, collections
opening/closing duties
hiring procedures
termination procedures
sick/maternity leave
business protocols
appointment scheduling
supply purchasing
aggressive patients
dress code
missed or
Dress Code
Office Policy:
all staff members must comply with dress code regulations. Failure to comply will result in a warning without consequence. Second failure to comply will result in termination.
hair must be tied back and out of face
nails are to be kept short and tidy
closed-toe shoes required, non-slip
jewelry accepted, must be minimal, no long earrings or necklaces
visible tattoos accepted, no profanity
facial piercings ok, nothing too loud or chunky
oral and overall hygiene must be kept to excellence
no anterior or posterior cleavage, no visible midrifts
Reception Specific:
scrubs not mandatory
clothing must comply with general dress code
no jeans, sweatpants, hoodies or tshirts
Hygienist Specific:
scrubs mandatory
must leave scrubs in office for laundering
facial hair accepted, must be kept tidy
undershirts must be tight fitted
light fragrances only
Opening Procedures
Office Policy:
1. Open Office
receptionist opens doors & deactivates security alarms
turn on lights
adjust temperature settings
turn computer settings on
2. Desk Duties
answer/ listen to messages
check fax machine
sort mail
organize day schedule
prepare/ pull client charts
new log sheets/ invoices
3. Prepare Lobby
open blinds
coffee station replenished
check area for safety and cleanliness
4. Prepare Self
change into scrubs & proper shoes
ensure hair & appearance is standard
gather necessary PPE for the day
put all belongings in staff room
wash hands - moisturize hands
5. Prepare Operatory
all equipment turned on
dusting (if necessary)
check schedule for procedures that day
prepare unit with necessary instruments
flush water lines
barrier all necessary areas
disinfect area
set up tray for first client
6. Prepare Sterilization Room
distilled water levels checked
machines turned on
solutions checked and recorded
supplies replenished
check all equimpent for readiness
7. Prepare the Radiography Room
turn equipment on
ensure equipment is working
solutions filled and changed
machines barried
test run processors
8. Prepare Lab Area
machines/ equipment turned on
review day schedule - ensure all materials prepared foo
Strategies to Control Internal Finances:
#1 is being educated on red flags of liability clients.
1. Client has a history of constantly moving/changing dental practices.

2. Client states that he/she has insurance coverage, yet when their information is put into the system there is not verification of insurance payment.

3. Insurance has expired.

4. Client has a record of constantly changing jobs.

5. Client overreacts when he/she is asked to pay for his/her treatment.

6. History of or currently has family problems.

7. Routine failure to collect the clients’ full payment.

8. Patients who use another person’s ID to
obtain insurance benefits.
Look out for:
How to Mitigate Credit Risk?
* Each individual person has a credit history; therefore, we will run a credit check on the people who are in search of payment plans.
* To lower risk of non-payment, charge people with low credit scores more interest than they do those with high scores.
* Set a limit under which credit scores cannot fall before client is eligible for a payment plan.
* Poor credit scores are considered to be between 340 and 619. These credit scores reflect the scorers' history of non-payment of bills.
* Refuse to extend payment options to people who fall into the poor range, in order to lessen credit risk.
Collections Of Outstanding Balances:
1. Payment Plans
2. Walk-Out Statement
3. Monthly Billing Statements
4. 30 Day Grace Period
5. No reply- Second Attempt
Mail Out Statment
6. No reply - Phone Call
Possibly several attempts
7. If no response made 1 week after last phone call made - Professional Collections Agency
Office Policy:
Example Employee Review
1. Contributes to office mission & goals?
2. Provides quality care and demonstrates excellent job knowledge?
3. Treats everyone with respect & acts as a team player?
4. Is a dependable employee and has excellent attendance?
5. Complies with rules & regulations?
6. Promotes healthy lifestyles?
What merits a raise or recognition?
someone who goes above and beyond expectations
someone who follows all rules & regulations
someone whos clients and other staff compliment often
an individual who stands out from the rest
someone who shows passion about the office vision, mission & values - really makes them come to life
Perfermance Review Structure:
P.R held once a month (last friday of each month)
each employee is reviewed by the office manager
we use a fixed questionnaire form to evaluate employee's progress
manager and employee sit down privately after the manager has completed the form - reviews with employee
employee must sign his or her own review and create 1 goal to achieve by the next P.R
incentives for goals met or for impeccable reviews
Office Expenditures
cotton rolls 6 x 20.99 = 125.94
bib clips 2 x 27.39 = 54.78
cups 2 x 26.29 = 52.58
head rest covers 3 x 47.59 = 142.77
patient bibs 2 x 28.89 = 57.78
tissues 3 x 52.89 = 158.64
tray covers 3 x 27.99 = 83.97
syringe tips 2 x 42.19 = 84.38
gauze 2 x 67.09 = 134.18
q-tips 2 x 31.79 = 63.58
HVE tips 5 x 42.19 = 210.95
prophy cups & paste 5 x 56.69 = 283.45
dry angles 2 x 24.39 = 48.78
fluoride varnish 5 x 59.09 = 295.45
TOTAL = $1794.23
Infection Control
soaps 2 x 10.19 = 20.38
sanitizers 1 x 103.49 = 103.49
lotions 2 x 9.89 = 19.78
eye wear 3 x 8.99 = 26.97
masks 5 x 8.39 = 41.95
gloves 5 x 9.99 = 49.95
spill kit 3 x 32.39 = 96.87
disinfectants 10 x 6.29 = 62.90
over gloves 4 x 22.59 = 90.36
surface barriers 3 x 20.79 = 62.37
lead apron 1 x 89.00 = 89.00
TOTAL = $664.02
pouches 20 x 10.19 = 203.80
ultrasonic solution 3 x 29.69 = 89.07
ultrasonic unit 1 x 1557.09 = 1,557.09
autoclave unit 1 x 4999.99 = 1,499.99
sterilants 3 x 40.89 = 122.64
intrument cassettes 3 x 35.29 = 105.87
steam indicator tape 3 x 7.59 = 22.77
steri and container 3 x 9.49 = 28.47
TOTAL = $7,129.70
Office Supplies:
office chair 89.79
organizer 37.49
scheduler 35.69
paper 24.98
pens 5.69
printer 217.28
computer / ink 1,700.00
TOTAL = 2,315.92
Dental Equipment:
dental chair 3,109.50
dental light 624.75
cavitron 2, 881.75
piezo 2,800.59
cordless prophy 768.69
dig. xray 68,999.00
curing light 1,450.19
intra-oral cams 1,365.00
TOTAL = $82,123.57
Grand Total


$ 94, 027.38
Accomodation of Persons with Disabilities:
In our clinic we plan to accommodate as many patients with health disabilities as we can.

• A wheelchair accessible ramp
• An operatory made just for a wheelchair
• Wheelchair accessible bathroom stalls
Large fonts

Clients who suffer from hearing loss are still able to read making it easier to accommodate with their impairment. Clients who are fully deaf will know sign language and having staff fluent in sign language will help there. The employee trained at our office in sign language can also accommodate clients with speech impediments. Clients who suffer from learning, intellectual and mental health disabilities will need health care providers with patience. All of our operatories will be large enough to help facilitate movement for any clients with disabilities.
Policy for Missed or Cancelled Appointment
if a client doesn't show for his or her appointment, a late fee of $35.00 is charged.
insurance will not cover this fee
cancellations must be made 2 days in advance, emergencies only exception
if failure to notify prior to this time period, the late fee will be charged
if a client shows up late for his/her appointment it takes up his/her own time slot and all planned procedures may not be completed
confirmation call-backs are appreciated

Phone script
When Answering:

Good morn/aft/eve, this is ______ speaking at Dental Damsels. How may I assist you today?
2 Factors that impact teamwork
aggressiveness and timidity
Scenario: there are 4 working dental hygienists at this office and a dentist. They all attend early morning meetings to discuss the practice. One of the dental hygienists is very outgoing, but comes off as aggressive at times, and often speaks on behalf of the other hygienists during meetings. Another hygienist, who is new to the practice and also a recent graduate, disagrees with a lot of the things the veteran hygienist says but is too timid to speak up.
Plan of action: have an agenda set for meetings that includes a set amount of time at the end to hear from each individual. Also have rules set in place so that individuals cannot be interrupted during their chance to speak and so that all objections or comments are delivered respectfully.
Would also organize team outing outside of office time so that employees have a chance to get to know each other and become more comfortable around one another. Finally, would address the outgoing employee to let them know that their enthusiasm is appreciated but that they may intimidate other employees at times so they need to be sensitive to different personality types.

Interview Guide

1) Why should we hire you? What special qualities do you bring to a team that would benefit us in hiring you?
2) Tell us about your previous experience in the dental field and what made you choose to be in dental?
3) Was there ever a time where you didn’t get along with a co-worker or superior? How did you handle the situation?
4) Can you give me an example of a time where you had to coordinate a team activity to help bring unity into your office?
5) What are some of your weaknesses? Strengths?
6) Have you ever dealt with a difficult client? How did you handle the situation?
7) Tell me about a time where you went above and beyond for a client? How did they feel after?
8) Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years?
9) What do you do to improve your knowledge in the dental field?

External Marketing

Radio Broadcast
Dental Damsels is an innovative new dental practice opening in the city of Ottawa that provides important preventative dental hygiene care for you and for your family. Our office is located in at 1123 Baseline Road in Ottawa and is open Monday to Saturday. All clients receive a full comprehensive dental hygiene assessment that helps the dental hygienists provide the best personalized care for you. We also encourage clients to have discussions about their oral health with our dental hygienists so that they can receive the best service possible. We are accepting new clients now so call our office today to book an appointment at 613-222-4321.
2nd Scenario:

A dental hygienist is always running late because she is constantly texting on her phone instead of rushing to get ready for her next appointment. She is always asking the dental assistants to clean her operatory and prepare it for her next client while she is on the phone.

Plan of Action:

The office manager and/or dentist should address this issue immediately. This dental hygienist is not pulling her weight and the assistants are forced to take over the workload. The office should enforce a strict no cell phone policy during work hours. There should also be consequences if found with a cell phone while not on break. The hygienist should be able to meet deadlines and help with the cleaning and setting up of their operatory.

• Laziness – Someone who isn’t pulling their weight around the office
• An office manager who rules through fear/strict

Factor affecting teamwork:
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