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Registration Terms

No description

First-Year Experience

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of Registration Terms

Registration Tips & Terms
The source to find information about:
university degrees
program requirements
course descriptions
academic policies
The "web interactive network at Georgia Southern" that contains:
student information
financial aid information
your registration date
GSUs registration system
Before Signing Up for Classes:
1. Check Your Registration Date on WINGS

2. Plan your courses/schedule before your registration date arrives

3. See your advisor well in advance of your registration date
Hint: You can find your registration date by going to WINGS - Students- Registration - Check registration date and time
Hint: When planning your schedule, look for any pre-requisites (courses that must be completed before you can take another course) and co- requisites (courses that must be taken together). Both co-requisites and pre-requisites are noted in Catalog course descriptions.
The source to find:
Degree audit
GPA calculators
Hint #1: When planning your schedule, look for the red "Still Needed" text in your Degree audit.

Hint #2: If you are thinking about/planning to change your major, plan your schedule after running the What-if scenario, which cross-references your unofficial transcript with the academic requirements of your new major.
Advisement Sessions
Where you go to:
Discuss the rough draft course schedule made after looking at the catalog or DegreeWorks
Get your Registration Access Number (RAN)
This is a 6-digit number that allows you to register in WINGS
Discuss how many hours you should take
Full-time student = 12 or more hours
Part-time student = less than 12 hours
Discuss Academic Standing
If you have an institutional GPA (a.k.a. GSU GPA) less than a 2.0 you are in poor academic standing (read more about this in the Academic Standing portion of this module)
Hint #1: you receive a different RAN each semester and cannot register without that RAN; set up an appointment with your advisor EARLY to get your RAN in advance of your registration date.

Hint #2: Students should take 15 or 16 credit hours each fall & spring to graduate in four years; discuss the number of hours you should take when talking about your course schedule with your advisor.

Hint #3: If you are having academic difficulties, let your advisor know. He/she can help!
After Signing Up for Classes:
You can make changes to your schedule after you have registered, but only during certain times.
1. Before the semester begins, you may change your schedule anytime registration is open without any academic repercussions.
2. Once the semester begins, you can only change your schedule during Drop/Add and before the Withdrawal date.
A period at the beginning of each semester during when you are able to drop & add courses to your schedule without academic penalty.
Begins on the first day of the semester and ends on the fourth day.
Withdrawing means exiting a course after the drop/add period. If you withdraw from a course, you cannot be put back in the course or add a new one.
The withdrawal period begins once drop/add ends and ends roughly around the 40th class day of the semester. You can withdraw from any class before final day to withdraw without academic penalty.
You may withdraw from no more than 5 courses during your entire undergraduate career (excluding summers).
Withdrawing from a course after you have exceeded the maximum withdrawals allowed will result in an automatic F in the course.
Hint: withdrawing can create significant problems for financial aid & delay graduation; withdrawing should only be done with the advice of:
your instructor
your financial aid advisor
and your academic advisor
Hint: If you want to drop a class, but are looking to keep the same amount of hours, make sure to find a class that has a lot of open seats to add before dropping your class.
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