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Communication strategy for alliance


Maya Shimizu

on 19 January 2013

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Transcript of Communication strategy for alliance

Maya Shimizu Communication strategy for international strategic alliances What are Strategic Alliances? CASE STUDY Examples of Strategic Alliance WHY ? what's the key to make international alliances work? managers should make effort to know and learn from
partners to make international alliances work Cooperative agreements
between two or more firms Strategic Alliance FLOW Case study: Mazda-Ford What are strategic alliances? A key for successful international alliances but when it comes to
international over cultural differences run into serious managerial and financial trouble within 2 years failures by the parties involved conclusion Build trust between partners 2/3 1/3 They set up meetings regularly not only to discuss matters about the alliance but also to get to know each other better The belief was.... Personal relationships help build trust
and facilitate harmonious relations It helps a successful cross-cultural collaboration from 1969 The result was creation of Hermosillo plant Ford's brand-establishment in Japan Long-term trust and successful collaboration managers should make effort to know and learn from
partners to make international alliances work what did they do? communication is the key THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! Reference -Menju, Toshihiro (2003) Introduction to cross-cultural experience,  Tokyo: Akashi Shoten

-Hill, Charles W. L (2010) Global Business Today, 7th ed., New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin failure rate seems to be high Attitude to know partners
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