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Amy-Jesse Owens

No description

Mumtaz Bandi

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Amy-Jesse Owens

His accomplishment was that in 1936 olympics he won four gold medals in Berlin which made him the best remembered athlete in olympic history A quote by him was " We all have dreams in
order to make them come to reality, it
takes an awful lot of determination,
dedication,self-discipline,and effort." that
was my favorite quote out of all of them Bye Bye Every body Accomplishments Jesse Owens personal background Jesse Owens real name is James Cleveland Owens because his school teacher called him J.C he thought that his school teacher said Jesse and he stick with it .His place of birth is Oak ville in Alabama his date of birth is September 12 1913 and he died in March 31 1980 Tucson and buried in Oak woods cemetery.He died because he had lung cancer.He married a girl named Minnie Ruth Solomon and had children named Gloria,Beverly,Marlene. Quotes by Jesse Owens A family photo of Jesse Owens Jesse Owen by:Amy Why I Would Pick Jesse Owens? I picked him because he was the first athlete who won 4 gold medals in the 1936 olympics in Berlin. I had never seen anybody who won 4 gold medals Bibliography I went to google to find the information
I found out about a website called JesseOwens.com
which showed me the most information
I used a biography at JesseOwens.com This is the end to my prezi A Athlete That Is A Olympic Legend Olympic Legend Athlete Beats Every Single Runner
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