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Debate Round Scheduling

No description

Chris Baron

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Debate Round Scheduling

Preliminary Rounds
Features of Prelims
Breaking to Elimination Rounds
Who goes Affirmative?
Who decides who wins?
Who advances?
Features of Elims
Aligned with CDL Benchmark #3: Debate round scheduling: pairings, prelim rounds, elim rounds
Debate Round Scheduling
Even numbered rounds are typically side constrained
Teams from the same school can't compete against each other
Byes are given when there are odd teams or insufficient judges/rooms
byes are a win, with points averaged
Forfeits are given by the tab room if a team fails to show
Mavericks are solo debaters: they can compete but can't clear in CDL tournaments
Some non-CDL tournaments allow "hybrids" (debaters from 2 different schools)
Postings (aka schematics) posted in a central location
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