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Music, Connectivity and the Plastic Brain

No description

Eric Barnhill

on 3 November 2013

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Transcript of Music, Connectivity and the Plastic Brain

Music, Connectivity,
And The Plastic Brain

The Gatekeeper
The Transmitter
The Transformer
The Transducer
And we're in!
Part 2:
Can Music Change The Brain?
Part 1
A Trip Around The Musical Brain

What can we measure?
Feature measurements
and classifications
And of course
What has been found?
The Heschl's Gyrus
The Thumb-Speech
Gray matter volume:
Music -- coordination -- memory
The Left-Right
The "Virtual Motor
Practicing and
Eric Barnhill, PhD Candidate, Medical Physics
Dalcroze Licentiate
The University of Edinburgh

Fourier - Based Filters:
Everywhere in Science and Nature
Brain Stem Criss Cross
The Music Of
The Stem
Into the thalamo-cortical relays
Out to the auditory cortices
Then what?
Fundamental tones – LH
Higher harmonics / fine pitch distinctions - RH
Timbre – RH
Rhythm – Cerebellum
Lyrics – Language Areas
Recommendation #1: "The Brain That Changes Itself" by Norman Doidge
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Recommendation: Jancek et al "The Plastic Human Brain" Rest Neurol Neuros
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