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Mediating M/e-Stories

Riki Thompson- University of Washington Tacoma

Riki Thompson

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Mediating M/e-Stories

Visually representing transformed self
Verbally telling a socially shared life story Refashioning Self Dottie was a 34-year-old realtor and mother of one, who hid her soft nature behind cheap clothes that make her look more thug than mom. 30-year-old Misti got into the punk and goth look when she was a rebellious 15-year-old, and she's never gotten out of it.

But after 15 years, can she bear to give up her goth look and become a normal woman? How might interdisciplinary discourse analysis approaches help us to better make sense of our world and how we participate through discursive and material practices?

How does the convergence of old and new media create challenges for research in this area?

How might we look at reality shows to understand dominant discourses related to self-identity, social control, and DIY self-care?

What can online communities tell us about how everyday people are (re)constructing identity is deemed problematic or in crisis? Self-identity negotiation
Shifting notions of gender
Life story practices
Inclusionary power “The experience has been more transformative than I would have thought, and interestingly the most transformative part was not external. I feel something within me has shifted. Being joyful about being sexy and beautiful was not something I focused on for many years. I learned you can do that without being shallow if you do it in the right way and with the right intention” Buying Beauty For the past 14 years this 45 year old mom of two has been providing for her family with her clowning careers, but it's her kooky costume collection worn as causal-wear that's been getting all the attention. Alicia now has aspirations to enter the corporate world, but can she separate the style of Colors the Clown from Alicia the Mom? Or will her self-deprecating and self-mocking keep her from showing her true colors. Ebony spent so much time working on her career and carving out a place for herself in corporate America she had completely forgot to look the part! A 30-something fashion show producer in New York City. Fashion is Jennifer's number one passion but you'd never guess it by looking at her.

Friends called upon Stacy and Clinton to teach this fashion producer some model behavior. Professional-wear Take-away Tips:
Azi understands how clothing can convey authority and imparts a certain impression on others. While it’s tough to see herself as a 31 year old professor, she’s adjusting. Visually & verbally telling the life story Azi is a single 31-year-old psychology professor living in Washington, DC. This socially conscious scholar has some passionate theories about image. She's clearly never taken, "Style 101." Spending the last ten years buried in the books earning her PhD has left her with a wardrobe of immature college girl duds and a nasty habit of shopping for clothes in her mother's closet. For Azi, fashion is frivolous and she'll analyze and overanalyze to prove it. Repairing & Refashioning Reviewing
Self-disciplining "I realized this week I am a very strong person. I’ve beaten cancer and I’ve been a caretaker to a lot of people. I just like the feeling of knowing that I am going to put myself on that list of people to take care of because I deserve it.” Eileen is only 29 but dresses like she's 50. Her clothes are dumpy, frumpy and totally lacking in appeal. Her best friend and three sisters think she needs a sexy new image and conspire to give her a brand-new/updated look. Riki Thompson | rikitiki@uw.edu | @rikithompson Dress your (st)age Governing women through fashion Self-identity in late modernity
-Self-identity is constructed through stories

-Regulating social life and self

Gender studies
-Power femininity Interdisciplining Discourse Writing about self Digital discourse literacy Bringing the gaps between theories and methods Talking about self by Me All about
M/e-stories Foundations Discourse Studies Social Theories Transformation Frameworks Critical Discourse Analysis
Language constructs and is not neutral

Positive discourse analysis
Language is a tool for solidarity and acceptance

Narrative analysis
Life is storied and constantly revised Power Femininity The empowered women
Entitled to self care

Working on
the project of the self
to gain acceptance. Demonstrating genre knowledge Hi, my name is Janay. I am 20 years old. I live in southern California.

Hello, I'm Kim. On the upside of 40, I found an entire other world spinning out there.

I'm Annette, a 39 year old mother of a 18 year old daughter. With this journal I plan to write about my experiences and share my thoughts and feelings. You can share your experiences and thoughts about my journal on my bulletin board.

I welcome your thoughts and comments regarding my journal and please feel free to share your experiences on my bulletin board.

Thank you for visiting and please share your experiences or feelings on my bulletin board. Profiles as autobiographical Blogs as social Dress your stage Dress your Age Dress your(st)age
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