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Dehydrated Potato Flakes

Assessment & Feasibility of Manufacturing of Dehydrated Potato Flakes

Shiv Kothari

on 21 February 2011

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Transcript of Dehydrated Potato Flakes

Potato “Peace of mind and a comfortable income are predicted by a dream of eating potatoes in any form.” -An Old Italian Proverb Potato Flakes Rich Source of Starch
Contains Phosphorus, Calcium, Iron and Vitamin C & A
Vastly Consumed as Vegetable and in Various Form such as Starch, Flour, Alcohol and Dextrin and livestock Fodder It is consumed all over world in numerous forms .
India Ranks 3rd in the World in Potato Production after China and Russia
Per Capita Potato Consumption is 16 kg per Year Value Add [Dehydrated potato flakes are cooked, mashed potatoes sized to the required form in bulk density. Potato Flakes are potatoes that have been through industrial process, to yield a convenience that can be reconstituted by adding water, producing mash potatoes with very little expenditure, time and efforts. Though Dehydrated potatoes can be found in other forms also like granules and powder but flakes is superior to rest as it eliminates lumping and provide a smooth mash. Mash from dehydrated potato flakes is similar to a mesh of fresh potatoes in the nutritional qualities, about 2/3rd starch by dry weight, with similar amounts of protein, dietary fibre and vitamins. Potato Flakes are enriched with additional mineral and antioxidants to increase nutritional value and shelf life, hence better than fresh potatoes. Features:
Long shelf life
Have additional proteins, sugars, fibers, vitamins and minerals
Potato contains phosphorus, calcium, iron, vitamin a and c which can preserved/added while manufacturing potato powder/flakes
Boiling increase protein and doubles calcium content
Consumed throughout the year
Due to large cultivation worldwide and very bulk quantum of potato, potato powder/flakes is right solution as substitute.
Packaging mostly done in high quality polythene.
Very convenient for bulk usage like hotels, restaurants, catering business, Ready to Eat food chains etc. Comparative Analysis between Potato & Potato Flakes Company Name:
Parasmani Agro Processing Pvt Ltd Vision Statement
To emerge as a world class, diverse product, eco-friendly global company through technological development, innovation and customer satisfaction and thereby, contribute to the welfare of the society and industries.

Mission Statement
To develop a nourishing and healthy products of potato and deriving paradigm change in Indian Traditional Cooking and changing the lifestyle to bring enhanced quality and consistency in food.

Keys to success

1.Quality and Consistency of Product.
2.To continuously release new products in keeping with international trends and market demand.
3.To delegate the work to the employees who have good judgement and can accept input or criticism.
4.Building the inner motivation of the employees to achieve their goal and which in turn will help the organization to achieve its goal and to accomplish the task by giving them recognition.
5.By creating awareness of the product and educating customers about the product.
6.Corporate Social Responsibilities. Management Team

Mr. Dinesh Deopura – Age 48, B Com, LLB from Gujarat University. Managing Director of Parasmani Cold Storage Pvt Ltd and Dhwani Metal Corporation

Mr Arvind Patel – Age 51, BSc in Agriculture. Farmer by Occupation and Director of Parasmani Cold Storage Pvt Ltd.

Ms Binal Deopura - Age 22, BBA-Gujarat University, PGDM-BE from Entrepreneurship Development of India Location Market Technical Demand Forecasting Trends
Fast Growth of supply Chains
Increased Availability
Price Affordability
Latent Demand
Substitutes of potato flakes in Indian traditional food
Product Innovation
Major Importing Countries from India
United States of America
United Kingdom
Malaysia Domestic Market
All Five Star Hotels
Major Snack Food Manufacturers
Major Quality Restaurants
Catering Business
Retail Super Markets Advantages to consumers
 Easy availability, hygienic and Nutritious
 Improve the standard of living of people
 Easy for long distance transportation
 Safe to eat by de-activating spoilage and pathogenic micro-organisms
 Improve the taste of final product
 Extended shelf life
 Year round availability of product
 Convenient to use
 Heating to sufficiently high temperatures destroys harmful bacteria
International Market Penetration/Development
The company will appoint International Agent/Dealers in potential International Markets.
Local Language Marketing Materials and brochures would be provided by the company to dealers.
The company will also approach directly to international consumers and dealers
Also, enrolling with Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) to get maximum Industrial and international exposure. Distribution Strategy

The company will adopt a multi channel strategy which means to use two or more different channels to distribute goods. Company will also adopt intensive distribution and exclusive distribution based on Zonal geographies. Branding & Promotional Strategy Financial Analysis USPs of Dehydrated Potato Flakes
Uniform taste and texture helps in maintaining the quality of the end Product.
Shelf life of more than 12months helps in better planning and optimal usage.
Potato flakes being light weight are easy to transport and does not require specialized storage as the product does not require refrigeration and needs to be kept only in ambient conditions (cool and dry place).
Comparative cost also is low as the yield per kg is more than five times because of the 5:1 rehydration ratio.
Oil absorption is low when fried as in the process of frying half of the water evaporates and oil replaces the water in the fried stuff. Since the moisture content in fresh potatoes is 78% more oil gets absorbed when fresh potatoes arte fried in comparison to dehydrated potato flakes.
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