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Are Barbie Dolls A Negative Influence On Our Society?

No description

Rosalind W

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Are Barbie Dolls A Negative Influence On Our Society?

Does Barbie Actually effect the self esteem of girls?
Can we even look like her?
Normal: 8-9"

Barbie: 6"
Normal 21-22"
Barbie 16"
Barbie: 9"
Normal: 35-36"
Barbie: 3.5"
Barbie: 16"
Normal: 10-11"
Normal: 37-38"
Barbie: 29"
Normal: 6-7"
Normal: 32-34"
Barbie: 7"
Barbie: 32"
Normal: 12-13"
Are Barbie Dolls A Negative Influence On our Society?
The Human Barbie
One Ukrainian model, Valeria Yukanova, has had plastic surgery and puts extensive makeup to look like a life sized Barbie.

Her efforts include working out hard three times a week, a liquid only diet and she believes that she and her husband are aliens from another planet.

Valeria is a spiritual leader and believes she can travel out of her body.

The Origin Story
Barbie's ever perfect proportions have changed since the first ever Barbie came out. The first Barbie ever was only available as a blond or a brunette, had a skinnier waist and a much more unrealistic body shape.

Slowly, barbie has evolved into the Barbie we know now. This is how.
The first Barbie ever made was manufactured by Mattel Co., in 1959.

Ruth Handler was the creator of the Barbie Doll and named it Barbie after her daughter and later named a male counterpart, Ken, after her son.

The doll was an instant success, selling over 350 000 dolls in the first year

Bratz became Barbie's first real competition in 2001, and it was reported that more Bratz were sold than Barbies in 2004. Mattel got into a legal dispute with Bratz and came out victor

The Defence
Barbie does try to reinforce feminist ideas, like in the I Can Be... series, Barbie has numerous jobs, including architect and engineer, which girls have avoided like the plague for a long time.
Rosalind Ward
I think that the Barbie Doll does effect young girls, but was designed just to make money. I see that social media and airbrush are also effecting young girls and Barbie is a part of that. However, I believe that Mattel Co. could take a lead and design Barbies that look more like this:
Studies Show...
A study was preformed in 2006, asking whether Barbie Dolls made girls want to be thin.
162 girls, age 5-8, were exposed to Barbie Dolls, Emme Dolls or no dolls.
The study revealed that most girls who were exposed to Barbie Dolls wanted to be thinner and have a better body shape than the rest of the girls. But, the older Barbie exposed girls weren't effected at all, or not much.
Controversial Barbies
Emme Doll
Tattoo Barbie: In 2011, Mattel came out with a Barbie covered in Tattoos. Kids soon started asking their parents if they could get tattoos like Barbie.
Pregnant Barbie: Barbie's BFF, Midge has been pregant three times, as well has been pulled off shelves three times.
Wheel Chair Becky: Barbie's late 90s friend was confined to a wheel chair. Unfortuanetly, this doll's hair got caught in the wheels and couldnt fit through the door of Barbie's dream house.
Talking Barbie: One Barbie had over 250 different messages, so almost no doll would be alike. One of the lines was "Math class is tough!" and parents took it as an negative phrase.
Weight Loss Barbie: A Barbie 'Slumber Party' set included a weight loss book that read: Don't Eat.
Tad too Little Barbie: Barbie's line of Basic Barbie all had different looks, but all sported a little black dress. This little black dress was a tad too little.




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