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HS Propaganda Presentation

No description

Tina Ham

on 13 February 2015

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Transcript of HS Propaganda Presentation

What is the message you received from the ad?
What is it?
Techniques used
to influence
or behavior.
In advertising the
purpose is to claim
“superiority” in order
to sell product.
Makes audience
believe in
something or
want to do
Band Wagon
Emotional Appeal
Snob Appeal
Card Stacking
Name Calling
Join the
Everybody is doing it
words that contain a high
sense of ethics and that appeal
to the emotions of the audience.
does not have any factual basis to it. A word like 'freedom' would be a glittering generality because it rouses emotion.
"Drinking this water is like sipping the 'crisp, luscious ocean'"
Invoke some type of feeling; words and images that affect the heart.
are quotations or endorsements, in or out of context, which attempt to connect a famous or respectable person with a product or item.
Testimonials are very closely connected to the transfer technique, in that an attempt is made to connect an agreeable person to another item.
Good/negative feeling, looks or
ideas are transferred
to person the product
is intended.
is an every day person or people
that sell a product.
Uses tests, statistics, and scientific-sounding words to convince.
"Nine out of ten dentists chose Colgate
over the other leading toothpaste brands."
Suggesting that association with a person or
product can make you special or rich.
Speaks highly of a person or product
but ignores any problems they might
Links a person or idea
to a negative image.
- Wants the viewer
to reject the idea
or product
using words or phrases to make something unpleasant more acceptable
Guess the Propaganda?
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