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Morpheus - God of Dreams

No description

Brittney Pham

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Morpheus - God of Dreams

Morpheus - God of Dreams
The dream messenger of Gods
Family Tree
Morpheus' Brothers
Hypnos, the God of Sleep
Descendant of Erebus & Nyx
Pasithea, the Goddess of Relaxation and Rest
Descendant of Hera & Dionysuss
Thanatos, the God of Death
Nyx, the Deity of Night
Morpheus and his brothers were called Oneiroi, meaning dreams. Each brother had a responsibility on what they were supposed to do.
Morpheus had the ability of appearing in the dreams of human beings in any form. The Greek word, "morphe" itself means to "form." When Morpheus was in his real form, he had wings on his back. It was believed that he and his brothers were given by his uncle, Thanatos. However, some interpretations are made that they were already born with wings.
Legend says that Morpheus used his wings not only to reach those who needed help in their dreams, but also to carry his father, Hypnos, to the dream world in the caves. There were several occasions where Hypnos needed to be saved from Zeus' menace.
Personification of nightmares
Created fake and illusional dreams
Created true dreams, making them more realistic
Communicating messages through images and stories (dreams)
Sent images as visions to people
Mimicked any human in dreams

About the Poet
Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin
Born in Moscow, Russia
Considered to be:
The greatest Russian poet
The founder of modern Russian literature
Published his first poem at the age of 15
Widely recognized by his writing
Wrote his most famous play called "Boris Godunov in 1872
oppy Flower
Dreams Be Good
Before I doze off into sleep
I ask for my dreams
to be good to me
As my fantasies feel so real
The winged god reminds me
it's no big deal
I toss and turn for hours
My eyes start to feel sore
My heart begins to ache
When I think of him
walking out the door
There are continuous sleepless nights
When the hours seem so long
But I know it's okay
Cause I'm safe in the god's arms
Original Poems
Oh, Morpheus, give me joy till morning
For my forever painful love:
Just blow out candles' burning
And let my dreams in blessing move.
Let from my soul disappear
The separation's sharp rebuke!
And let me see that dear look,
And let me hear voice that dear.
And when will vanish dark of night
And you will free my eyes at leaving,
Oh, if my heart would have a right
To lose its love till dark of evening!

Realm of Morpheus
By Mark Crane
Son of Sleep
By Ann Beard
In Worship of Morpheus
I, my mind is vibrating, humming with an electrical current
sheer esctasy and chills roll in wavesdown my spine pure numbing bliss paralyzed,
lying still with heavy limbs and the clearest notion with a captured stagnant breath
held anxiously in my chest releases as the fog lifts and my stupor slowly fades
all the dreams and the thoughts of that nauscious,
meditative moment slip quietly away into the darkness and the warmth that I can only visit
memories and notions I cannot retrieve from that supernatural
temporary world which holds me in a waking sleep
thinking the most wonderous profound things
unable to communicate and remember the momentary genius
locked within another realm
laying slow with pinpoint windows, veins as stone and eyes like glass
pale skin, resting in ethereal blue
thud...............thud.................. .....THUD.
released into that heavenly realm, amidst an ocean
floating in years of conjured thoughts
I've longed for a Milennia, waited in what seemed to be eternal time to be in the palace of thought and wisdom
I've had many glimpses of the surreal in momentary lapses of consciousness in the self-induced stupor to reach bliss
holding my breath in hazy silence, vomitting up resistance, pulled back into reality from where I wanted to be
but now I've made the final voyage through years of suffrage and toil
floating in and out of worlds, hanging in the abyss, dangling on thin threads to finally reach placid bliss
Poem Citations
By Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin
Explication: Dreaming can aid someone just temporarily when their love life is not in the best shape.
Meandering through the realm of Morpheus; blissfully lost
Ahead lay vast fields of cinnamon scented sunflowers
Standing juxtaposed facing an almond colored, afternoon sky
Familiar figure comfortably crouched at the foot of an odd shaped knoll

Strange, ephemeral conversation with a long passed loved one
Felt sad to gaze again upon his blue, lifeless face
Warmed by cherished memories long since thought of
See you soon, were his eerily parting words; don't be late now

We have prepared the feast for your long awaited arrival they'll all be there
Disappearing into the thorned wilderness with his characteristic cackle
Off in the squinting distance a storm black as hate is forming
A prediction of things to come perhaps? Or something much more sinister?

Explication: Dreams can serve as visions to humans; although they may be misleading.
Come and sit for awhile, with Grandma to doze and suppose, what will you be.
Before age distorts with adult desires, let us stir up the embers of infant fires.
Let Morpheus son of sleep, dream maker, shape us a key.
Will you conquer fear, maybe learn to fly.
Stay tight as a bud, or risk failure to bloom
Mix lotions, swim oceans - be a millionaire or nestle amongst those, reliant on prayer.
Inspired by each season’s resplendent costume.
Will you drive a bus, work in a bank, excel in the arts, becoming well known.
Snatch at all whimsy, not easily caught,
Find beauty in even the old or distraught.
will you one day find bliss have a child of your own.
How foolish, to make such elaborate plans
for hope is so fragile, yet hard to ignore.
I see sleep is beckoning... time to let go of multiple maybe’s you’ve no need to know.
Let Morpheus son of sleep, dream maker, open each door.

Explication: People have dreams but they don't always make it into reality.
Explication: People who overdose on drugs.
"Realm of Morpheus":
"Morpheus Son of Sleep":
"In Worship of Morpheus":
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