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And Then There Were None

No description

Megan Conner

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of And Then There Were None

Simile Page 179
The word burst from her
lips like an exploding
shell. Page 210 "
He was like a wild boar waiting
to charge." Vignette Page 191
Wargrave is like a tortoise. Page 171 Lizzie Borden Synedoche Symbolism Page 31 The poem
and how most of them are going to die. Red Herring Page 31"
Five Little Indian boys going in for law; One got in Chancery and then
there were four " Dynamic Characters &
Static Characters. Page 193
The storm symbolizes
the intensity of the books and
the killings. Antithesis Page 3 Mrs. Brent and Mrs. Claythorne
are completely different. Flash Back Page 79
Vera reflects on the day of Cyril's death. Allusion Denouement And Then There
Were None Prezi
Created By: Joe Polizzotto
Brandy Weathers, Jevons Wang,
Nathaniel Berch,
Megan Conner, Jill Vargo
Page 232 "It was shaped like a bear." Gibberish Vera Claythorne,
Philip Lombard,
William Bloore,
Mr.Rogers, and
Mrs. Rogers are all dynamic. Page 169 Vera speaks about a part of the nursery rhyme, but is very disturbed and seems to be making little sense. Page 61
Philip Lombard tells about
the time he killed a whole South African tribe. Page 62
Anthony tells them about
the time he ran over two kids. "Don't stare like that! As though you thought I
was mad. It's sane what I'm asking. Bees, hives,
bees! Oh, don't you understand? Haven't you
read the idiotic rhyme? It's up in your
bedrooms--put there for you to study! We
might have come here straightaway if we'd
had sense. . . .Six little Indian boys
playing with a hive. And that's why I'm
asking--do they keep bees on this
island?--isn't it funny?--isn't it
damned funny . . . ?" Inference Page 135
"... Mr. Owen is one of us..." Page 70
"You mean--he must of put the stuff in his glass himself? . . ." "Suicide, eh? That's a queer go."
Emily Brent and Justice Wargrave
are static characters. Page 58-59
Justice Wargrave remembers the case with Edward Seton. Page 65
Dr. Armstrong recalls the time he
operated on a woman while drunk. Page 226
"It's like some child playing a horrible
game. . . ."
Page 192 "The rain was pouring down again.
The wind came in pitful gusts. The depressing sound of the pattering rain nearly drove them mad." Tone Page 68
It was so sudden and so unexpected that it took every one's breath way. Page 46
" A disgraceful and hearless practical joke. . . ." Page 56 "But this is fantastic--mad!" Oxymoron Page 68
"My God! He's dead!" Page 117
General Macarthur remembers
how much he loved his wife. Page 241 The final one standing shoots the other
and feels relief but realizes he/she must kill her/himself to fit the poem.

Relief possesed her/him--enormous exquisite relief.
At last it was over.
There was no more fear--no more stealing of the nerves. . . .
No more fear. . . . Lizzie Borden took an axe,
And gave her mother forty whacks,
When she had seen what she had done,
She gave her father forty-one. Page 31
Four Little Indian boys
going out to sea; a red herring
swallowed one and then there
were three. Page 193
The storm stands for the
bigger idea of the five
left alive going mad.
Their thoughts are nothing
more than gibberish,
and they are accusing
one another wildly. Page 4
Devon, a place in
England, is mentioned
vastly throughout the
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