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Innovator of technology


Cheyenne Price

on 4 November 2012

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Transcript of Innovator of technology

Anthony Padilla Ian Hecox Who invented it? D.O.B. September 16, 1987 Mexican-American One of 2 protagonists of Smosh Smarter and more mature than Ian He met Ian in 6th grade science class Started on Newgrounds in 2003 Who? Who? Who invented it? Two and a half months younger than Anthony In a relationship with Melanie Moat since 2007 Suffers from ADHD and asthma D.O.B. November 30, 1987 Portrayed as dumb, ignorant, and childish Favorite food: pink-frosted donut Who? http://smosh.wikia.com/wiki/Anthony_Padilla http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/293945
http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110506211210AArgsIs What? What do they do? Make videos Comedians Update Smosh.com Go to lunch Answer Twitter questions SmoshSymbol Where? Where can you mail them stuff to put on their show for "Mail time with Smosh"? P.o. box 276010

Sacramento, CA 95827

USA When? Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday New Smosh video I Have A Raging Bonus Ian Is Bored
Lunchtime with Smosh
(alternating weeks) Planets
Why We're Single
Super Mari Fun Time Politicats Backseat Gaming
Dope! Or Nope Old Smosh video
Really Freaking Embarrassing
Gametime With Smosh Icons of Teen Boss Fight of the Week
Smosh Games Review New Smosh episode Teleporting Fat Guy Top 5
Friday Smosh Game Bang Smosh Pit Gamer Nation When do they upload new videos? How? How did Smosh start?

1.7 billion video views Anthony started posting flashmovies on Newgrounds in 2003 under the name Smosh. Ian joined They started putting videos on YouTube in 2005.
Became one of most popular channels on that site. 5.4 million subscribers One of first videos made them famous, but later got removed because of copyright laws.
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