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Defend the role of rules in society. Make extensive use of the rules of " Animalism " to support you position.

Jimmy Brooks

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of Animalism

Animalism Animals and humans must obey a order of rule to be able to live in harmony. If this is not carried out, the role of rules will no be played in a soceity. Rules is what keeps animals and humans from falling into the brutality of extreme chaos. We are protected by the role that rules play because it is used to keep animals and humans in order and not disobeying the rules. From the Commandments that animals and humans share helps the role of rules in a soicety by telling that rules must always be followed and will always be followed. Human Commandments was given to them to let humans know whats right and whats wrong in a soicety. Same with animals, given rules to understand what not to do living in a society. Animals and humans must obey a order of rules to be able to live in harmony while us creatures live on to the very end of our day.
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