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Old Economy Village, Ambridge,PA

By: Rocio Rebollar and Adara Mayo

Rocio Mayo

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Old Economy Village, Ambridge,PA

Utopian Society By: Rocio Rebollar & Adara Mayo Marriage&Family Rules&Laws Education Basic Community Rules&Laws Arguements are unacceptable Each student becomes an apprentice and they perform the task of an apprentice in that job. Careers Most of the jobs are volunteering, tour guide, and maintenance support Religious Beliefs Everyone has to take responsibility Any form of tardiness and rudness is not tolerated Great wealth, communal living and no sex. Fun Facts Medical A few pregnancies still occurred each year, according to our guide, though the wayward women and their newborns were not shunned. Their wealth grew, and some of it was stashed in secret basement vaults in George Rapp's home. After his death in 1847, an audit totaled a half-million dollars in coins. George Rapp is the founder of this Utopian Society But by the end of the century, only a handful of Harmonists remained. The last died in 1906, at the age of 103. Attend a one room schoolhouse Learn to write with a slate and stylist and to sing a song with instruments College students and adults can only have a job. You get many discounts by working in a certain job Harmonists developed a lifestyle based on the early christian church They shared the belief that the millenium (the coming of christ) was their belief A legislative government Built in 1824 Old Economy Village Up to 8 men and women were assigned to each house where one woman was designated housekeeper. The women worked 8 hours a day and men worked 10. Single members were not allowed to get married. Everyone, even married couples,were not allowed to have sex. They had their own doctor
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