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Candy Crush

No description

Alyssa Maquindang

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Candy Crush

Discourse Community:
Candy Crush

Does Candy Crush benefit the players of the community?
Does it cause negative behaviors?
Characteristics of a Discourse Community
You create friendships!
Out of pure boredom, the positives of being able to easily take out your smart phone and instantly begin playing Candy Crush. Video games provoke an emotional response.

What is a discourse community?

A discourse community is a group of people who share a common set of goals or purposes and use communication to achieve these goals.
Ways to Communicate
There's ways to communicate. For example, by sharing and connecting to Facebook
sharing accomplishments
asking for lives
sending game requests
Different levels of knowledge
There is a threshold level of members in a discourse community with a suitable degree of
expertise. The skills of players go from a wide range of newbies to veteran players. There are also different levels of knowledge that play a role in the community. There must always be someone who is knowledgable, for example, the creators of the game or even just someone who is extremely knowledgable of the game.
There's a feeling of superiority for people at higher levels
Common goals
Own language and terminology
Language and terminology is not most commonly used in Candy Crush. What plays an important factor in Candy Crush is the sounds that you hear as
you're playing the gaming app. Just by the certain sounds you hear easily help you identity that
the game you are playing is Candy Crush.
Shared goal is to defeat the current level by obtaining a certain amount of points.

What is Candy Crush?
Candy Crush is a popular gaming app that can be downloaded onto your smartphone.
Each level has a game board filled with differently colored candies, and might contain obstacles. The basic move of this game is horizontally or vertically swapping the positions of two adjacent candies, to create sets of three (or more) candies of the same color.
How do you play?
As you progress in levels, they may also include obstacles and each level has its own requirements to complete, which vary from eliminating certain ingredients, removing gel-covered candies, or by simply reaching a certain score
If these requirements aren't reached or one fails to complete a
level, the player loses a life. A set number of five lives is given in the game and you need at least one life to play a level. The player can restore lives by either asking Facebook friends for help or paying Facebook credits/money. Alternatively, the player will just have to patiently wait during their time life until their next life to regenerated.
Common goals
Ways to communicate
Communicate to inform or feedback
Texts (vehicles of communication)
Own language/terminology
Different levels of knowledge
Gaming can become highly
addictive and very much so a distraction. As you keep surpassing levels upon levels, you will also reach a point where you just cannot pass one immediately, which would only bring in frustration but also determination to continue playing.
Exclusive Community
Is Candy Crush worth playing?
Though I could see why someone wouldn't want to be wasting countless hours swiping their phone and matching colored candies, I found this game to be very entertaining and enjoyable especially when I found myself bored or with nothing better to do. Not only that, but you also build bonds with others who play the game and a community outside of the game from having a shared common goal.
A free gaming app brings friendships among the players and creates a community of course. Not only are friendships created, but just like any other game you can play, entertainment is a very important role.
You are simply just playing alone in Candy Crush, because there are no characters or identities unless linked or shared onto your Facebook, which is the only way it brings an identity factor to the game. Those who don't own a smartphone have absolutely no access to this community.
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