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Shakespeare Timeline

No description

Emily Ramsey

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Shakespeare Timeline

Shakespeare Timeline 1564- Born in Stratford. Baptized on April 26. He is the oldest son of John Shakespeare and Mary Arden. 1568- His father, John becomes Baliff of Stratford 1583- Baptism of his fist daughter, Susanna. 1585- Baptism of his twins, son and daughter, Hamnet and Judith. 1590-2- First performances of Henry VI 1596- Son, Hamnet dies, at age eleven. 1597- Bought New Place, the second largest house in Stratford 1598- First publication of the quarto of Love's Labour's Lost. 1599- The Globe Theatre opens 1601- His father, John, dies. The Performance of Richard II at the Globe Theatre. 1603- Queen Elizabeth I dies. The Lord Chamberlain's Men becomes The King's Men. 1607- Daughter, Susanna, marries on June 5, to a doctor, John Hall in Stratford. 1608- One of the founders of the Blackfriars Theatre, Mother, Mary, dies. 1610- Presumed year of return to live in Stratfod, from London. 1612- Testifies in the Belott- Mountjoy suit. The earliest surviving example of Shakespeare's signature is at the end of his deposition. 1582- Marries Anne Hathaway of Shottery
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