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H.I.V.E. By Mark Walden

No description

Siddharth Patil

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of H.I.V.E. By Mark Walden

A Teen Read Week book for you
Character Descriptions(Students)
Character Descriptions(Staff)
Dr. Nero: Is the Headmaster of HIVE who is an extremely careful villain who plans before acting. He is heartless everywhere, but not for HIVE and its students and staff.
Contessa Maria Sinistre: Is the lady who gives all the new Alpha Students the tour of HIVE after the brief introduction of Dr.Nero about HIVE. To Otto and his "friends" before the tour she does not make such a good impression on them.
HIVE Mind: The most complicated computer robotic system who can respond to everything you say. Mind is sad at being in HIVE. He control all the security systems, computers and little tablets called BlackBox.
The Others: Were either the teachers or important staff members.
H.I.V.E. Mind
The Island of the Institution
The Institution is in a volcano
H.I.V.E stands for Higher Institute of Villainous Education.

Author: Mark Walden

Genre: Science Fiction and Evil

Series: Book 1 of 8

Total Pages: 309

Reading Level: Medium

Pictures: No

Imaginative: YES
Book Cover

Other Books in this Series
About The Author
Name: Mark Walden
Birth Place: United Kingdom
Date of Birth: 3rd October 1972
Occupation: Writer and Video game producer/designer

His books: The Series(H.I.V.E.) and Earthfall
Genres: Evil and Fantasy action

He says "I am a totally lazy man". Despite being lazy, he writes these amazing books.
Summary to the Cliff
HIVE is a place where leaving is not an option. The book starts off with Otto in an helicopter with Wing. He is at a high headache not knowing the reason of it. When they reach, they meet these other new kids in this big hall when Dr.Nero arrives. He provides a short description on why they are all there. He tells them that they are the Alpha Batch. They are all chosen for being the most athletic, technologically advanced and the smartest kids in the country. Alpha group is taken to a long room with a long table and one chair on the end. As they all take seats, they are introduced to Contessa Maria Sinistre who shows a video of the history of HIVE. Many have question on why they are here and what is this going to do them. Contessa does a trick on Otto and Wing when they ask strong questions, that makes them forget what they were about to say. She takes them through HIVE giving them uniforms and meeting HIVE Mind. That is where Otto discovers HIVE Mind, the computer, is sad. Otto has to know the reason why he is sad and get out of H.I.V.E. and go run the orphanage where he lived. He is the only one who can actually run the orphanage. In his room thinks he is in HIVE because of the letter....

Otto Malpense
Wing Fanchu
Laura Brand
Block and Tackle
Franz Argentblum
Tom Ransom
Penny Richards
Viscontessa Lucia Sinestre(Lucy Dexter)
Cole Harrington
and other students
Dr. Nero
Contessa Maria Sinistre
And other teachers and staff
Otto Malpense: The main character of the book. Otto is an orphan who helps run the orphanage he lives in. He discovers that he is a really smart boy at computer technology. He started looking inside book when he didn't even know how to read. He is taken to HIVE because of this.
Wing Fanchu:A Tall Asian Boy. Becomes friends with Otto in the Helicopter they meet while being taken to HIVE. He is loyal and protects his friends in time of danger.
Laura Brand: Is an amazing computer hacker. She is Scottish and is taken into HIVE because she hacked into a military airbase to spy on a conversation.
The Others: mostly orphans or sons and daughters of famous Villainous and must follow their footsteps.
HIVE is a great book for young adults from ages 10-14. You must read this book!!!
Presented By:
Siddharth Patil
The Overload protocol
Escape Velocity


Zero Hour
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