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Growing Seasons

No description

Tiffany Smith

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Growing Seasons

Growing Seasons By Naomi Post,
Tiffany Smith,
and Alyssa Ginn In Esperanza Rising, many crops are grown including grapes, avocados, onions, potatoes, asparagus, plums, and peaches. Asparagus are grown in the spring, and avocados in the winter. Peach trees are pruned in the fall. New peaches are available from May to mid-October depending on the variety of peach. Peak season is in July and August. Growing grapes is a year-round job. The vines are pruned in winter and spring. An incision is made in each vine to channel nutrients from the root to the fruit. Grapes are harvested fully ripe from May to January, depending on the variety of grapes. Onions are grown October through winter and harvested late June,and potatoes late summer through fall but available all year from storage. Plums are first grow mid May with a large variety such as Black Splendor, a large plum with black skin and red flesh,while harvest begins mid-August. Growing seasons marked time on the calendars for farmers because each crop was planted at different times of the year. They knew when it was a certain season when they were planting certain crops. For example, avocados were grown in the winter, and the farmers knew it was winter when avocados were being planted. The Growing Seasons Picking and Packing Grapes in the 1930s Migrant farm workers picked grapes by hand. They were paid by the amount of grapes they picked, and they earned 75 cents to $1.25 per day. From this salary they had to pay 25 cents a day to rent a shack and sometimes had to buy groceries from an expensive company store. The grapes were packed into crates and hauled away by trucks to the market. Sources Tall and Tasty Fruit Trees by Meredith Sayles Hughes

Yes, We Have Bananas
by Meredith Sayles Hughes




http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/features/general-article/dustbowl-mass-exodus-plains/ This concludes our presentation on the Growing Seasons. Thank you for watching and listening. On a four seasons chart, the various crops would be shown by what time of year they are planted such as grapes year round, avacados in the winter, onions in the cold season, etc.
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