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Skateboards, Inc.

No description

Hailey Jorgenson

on 27 May 2011

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Transcript of Skateboards, Inc.

OF SKATEBOARDS, INC! Rapid city's latest and greatest skateboard and rollerblade park!! 360 Jackson Blvd
Rapid City, SD 57702
1-888-RAIL (7245
www.skateboardsinc.net A Message from Randy Boardman, President

Welcome to Skateboards, Inc. Thank you very much
for choosing us for your rollerblade and skateboard
fundamentals. We are pleased to have you come to
our facility. We encourage you to find out more
information by asking our employees for help. For
your convienience they will be wearing red t-shirts,
and name tags to make them easy to identify. About Skateboards, Inc. :

Skateboards, Inc. consists of more than 30,000 square feet of skateboard and rollerblade ramps and includes a D.J. booth, large screen TVs, a food court, a lounge are, an arcade, lockers, and a Pro Shop. Features and Highlights
-Ramps, rails, and halfpipes for all skill levels
-Equipment rentals available
-D.J. booth offering your favorite music
-Guest apperances by pro skateboarders
-Great food available in The Skateboard Shack
-And much more!! HOURS OF OPERATION
monday:3pm - 10pm
tuesday: 3pm - 10pm
wednesday: 3pm - 10pm
thursday: 3pm - 10pm
friday: 3pm - 10pm
saturday: 9am- 10pm
sunday: 9am - 8pm
(Hours change during school vacations and summer call 1-888-555-7245 for details) VISIT THE SKATEBOARD SHACK!!
take a little break by enjoying...
-Skateboard Supreme Pizza
-Kickflip Burger
-Giant Pretzels
-Our Signatue "Grind"ers
-And much MORE!! D.J. Jazz Performs Music!!
Request songs!!

All music categories including...
-Rhythm & Blues
-Rock & Roll VISIT THE SKATEBOARDS, INC PRO SHOP!! Visit The Skateboards, Inc. Pro Shop

Stop by and visit the Skateboards, Inc. Pro Shop for all of your
skateboarding and rollerblading needs. We've got the latest equipment available including......
-Wrist Guards
-Knee Pads
-Brand Name Boards and Skates
-Custom Skateboards, Inc. Apparel
-And much more!! Expirience Gaming in the
Skateboards, Inc. Arcade
Pinball Machines:
-Olympic Ski Racer
-Monsters from the Deep
-Speed Racer
-Martians & Moonmen
Truckin' Video Games:
-Money Chase!
-Tornado Alley
-War Zone Sports Table Games:
Football Other Games:
-Photo Booth
-Skee Ball Alley
-Pool Table Take a breather in the lounge!!

-After skating or blading, take a few
moments to unwind in our quiet,
comfortable lounge area. While there,
chat with your friends, enjoy a snack,
or watch TV on our big screen sets! Affordable Memberships Available Stop by our membership desk and check out the following plans: Platinum: $800
-Includes one year unlimited skate or
rollerblade, all day, includes 20% discount
on all items available in the Pro Shop and
free admission into special events Gold: $500
Half a year unlimited skate or rollerblade,
all day, includes 10% discount on all items
available in the Pro Shop and free admission into special events. Silver: $175
Six months of skate or rollerblade for $8.00 per day, all day Bronze: $100
three months of skate or rollerblade for $8.00 per day, all day Safety is our #1 Priority!!! For a safe "boarding" and "blading"
expirience, follow these safety tips:
-always wear a helmet
-always wear protective elbow and knee pads
-never bring food or beverage into the skate arena
-be respectful of fellow boarders and bladers
-always use caution on rails and ramps
-know your limitations: beginners should avoid risky moves
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