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ancient rome

No description

Mekayla cropper

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of ancient rome

ancient rome the founding of rome romulus killed remus romulus founded rome romulus and remus as babies they were raised by wolfes government citizens have the right to vote AND TO ELECT A REPRESENATIVE a picture of the acropolis the poor get more power from this... to this! rome was rome need to have represenetives THE POOR WERE CALLED PLEBIANS AND.... THE RICH WERE CALLED PATRITIANS PLEBIAN: POOR AND NOT ANY POWER PATRITIAN: ALOT OF POWER AND MONEY GEOGRAPHY romulas and remus were brothers rome was by the tiber river they had and empire they foundidng of rome is very much embroiledin myth. some of romes early emperors tiberius agrippa agustus derusus-the-elder germanicus lucius-ceasar varus agustus was the first emperor
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