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Jekyll and Hyde themes: duality and morality

Jekyll and Hyde themes: duality and morality

Cairon Morris-Ashman

on 17 July 2014

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Transcript of Jekyll and Hyde themes: duality and morality

We shall explore the themes 'duality of the human nature' and' the value of social morals' in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
How do characters in “Dr Jekyll and
Mr. Hyde” demonstrate the themes
of ‘duality of human nature’ and
‘what influences ones morality’?

You will be given the names of characters from the text. Your job is to write adjectives that best describe each character around his/her name. Use the example below as a guide.
You have a minute per character.

Mr. Enfield Mr Utterson

Mr. Hyde Dr Lanyon

Mr. Carew Dr. Jekyll

What is the importance of Dr Lanyon in the novel, and how does Stevenson present him?
1. What Lanyon is like?

2. How other people react to him?

3. How Stevenson makes you respond to Lanyon?

4.The ways Stevenson shows Lanyon to be important in the novel?
Time to Share and critique.
Choose the order in which you will share your responses ...
ie each person represents a paragraph ...

Anticipate questions or comments from your peers, especially regarding:-

your choice of vocabulary,
use of key words and
analysis of your assigned character.

Any questions
as you watch
easily distracted.
In the novel, and why does Stevenson present him in the manner that he does?
What is the importance of Mr. Hyde
What is Hyde like?
How do other people react to him?
How does Stevenson makes you respond to Mr. Hyde?
The ways Stevenson shows Mr. Hyde to be important in delivering the themes of duality and morality novel.

Discuss two themes linked to the text
Make meaningful contributions to assigned group tasks
Get to know key characters more thoroughly
Utilize key vocabulary correctly
Look critically at characters assigned
Effectively structure a response to a potential essay question
using Point Evidence and Explain(explanations

At the end of the lesson,
were you able to ...
Assessing today’s lesson
The key words list was useless as I did not understand all the words at first.

The group exploration of the key words was useful in aiding my understanding of the vocabulary.

The discussion about the themes at the start of the lesson made the group task more manageable.

Working as a group to structure a response gave me more insight into the character and helped me focus on sentence structures most suitable for improving understanding.
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