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Back to School Night

No description

Dawn Barrett

on 24 August 2017

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Transcript of Back to School Night

Welcome to
Caledonia Elementary

We are a better place because you are here!
Welcome to Second Grade!
Caledonia School Compact
What is a compact?
A compact is an agreement between the families and the schools.
It outlines the responsibilities of the parents, students, and staff necessary to achieve academic success.
We are partners!
As the principal, I will...
Ensure a safe and orderly learning environment
Create a welcoming environment for students and families
Model and encourage SPOT choices
Communicate our goals
Support family engagement
Reinforce our partnership
Provide on-going training about school initiatives
Provide learning opportunities
Be available
As a teacher, I will...
Provide and model a safe learning environment
Plan and teach lessons that meet the needs of my students
Monitor the progress of my students
Communicate with students and families
Notify parents of concerns and SUCCESSES
Conduct parent orientation
Assign homework that is meaningful
Be available
As a student, I will...
Put forth my personal best
Be at school on time
Take part in my learning
Demonstrate SPOT behavior
Take home and return my planner and folder
Cooperate at home by doing homework
Read good fit materials and practice math, vocabulary, and spelling EACH day
Discuss what I am learning with my family
As a parent, I will...
Make sure my child's basic needs are met
Make sure my child is at school on time
Attend parent orientation night and conferences
Read and sign my child's planner
Reinforce and support our Code of Conduct
Communicate with teachers about my child's progress
Model the love of learning
Talk with my child about what he or she is learning
Keep the school informed
how respect
ositive choices
ake responsibility
Common Core Standards
90 Minute Block--Whole Group, Small Groups, & Independent Work
-Fountas & Pinnell (reading level)
-MAPS (reading skills)
Common Core Standards
Whole Group, Independent Work, & Small Groups
-AIMSWeb (fact fluency)
-MAPS (math skills)
Common Core Standards
Types of Writing:
Pre/post assessment
Weekly Newsletter
Transportation Arrangements
Classroom parties

Second Grade Teachers:
Marcie Crawford
Laura McLarty
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