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NCAC Recruitment Presentation

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Jessica Fegely

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of NCAC Recruitment Presentation

What is NCAC Keystone Region
Headquartered at F&M
Partners: Dickinson, F&M, Gettysburg, Millersville
10 College Advisers serve 12 high schools
Emphasis on rural locations
Large underserved student populations
What is NCAC
NCAC-KR is part of a larger organization
Non-profit founded in 2006
Employs recent college grads
Improves college going rates in high schools
375 college advisers serve 126,000 students
20 partner universities
National College Advising Corps
Keystone Region

What is it like to be a College Adviser
Two Year Service Commitment
Live in a rural area
Work full time in one or two high schools
Hold 1:1 meetings and plan large events
Held 7,174 individual meetings and 5,759 group meetings held last year
How are Advisers Trained
Paid summer residential training
Local, national, and ongoing training
Visit colleges, learn from professionals in the field, share ideas with other advisers
Why is College Advising Relevant
Average student to counselor ratio is 457:1
90% of fastest growing jobs require post-secondary education
Confusing application and financial aid process
Absence of college going cultures in schools
What are the Benefits of Becoming a College Adviser
Salary and full benefits
AmeriCorps award
Freedom and responsibility
Connection to network of 20+ Universities and 300+ colleagues around the nation
What do Advisers do upon Completion of the Program?
Graduate studies at Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, The College of William & Mary, Vanderbilt University, University of Illinois, Boston College, North Carolina State, University of North Carolina
Peace Corps member in Senegal
Dean of admissions at F&M, Lebanon Valley College, Drexel University
Assistant Director of foundation, government and faculty grants at Gettysburg College
Registrar at Valley Forge Military Academy
Financial aid officer at Temple University
HS English Teachers
National College Advising Corps
Keystone Region
Who can I contact for more info?
Robert Freund
How do I apply?
100% placement rate
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