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Gender Roles in Asia

No description

Emily Pugh

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of Gender Roles in Asia

Gender Roles in Asia
by Emily Pugh, A2
Religious Roles
Based on the teachings of Confucius, responsibility moves from father to son, elder brother to younger brother, and husband to wife. Women are expected to be passive, and nurture the well-being of the family. (Jrank Family)
Roles in Different Regions
Originally, women in Southeast Asia were better off than women in neighboring East or South Asia. They had a lot more power. Over time, however, the spread of imported religions increasingly privileged males and stressed female subordination. (Asia Society)
Previous Knowledge
I didn't know
about Asian gender roles, but I knew a few things about Western ones. Men were usually regarded as important, powerful figures, while women were seen as soft, gentle, relatively unimportant homemakers. Thankfully, this has changed in most cases.
Female Roles
Females are usually valued less than males. The role of the female is to be passive, serve the males, perform domestic chores, adhere to the husband's family, and bear children. (Nguyen)
Male Roles
In Asian society, males are highly valued. Asian families want sons because males are important and they carry on the family name. The role of the male is to provide for the family. Primarily, his duty is to be a good son; duties to be a good husband or father come second to his duty as son. (Nguyen)
In general, Asian gender roles were very similar (if not identical) to Western roles. In Asia, men were figureheads, and women were unimportant side characters. Once again, women got the short end of the stick. However, most countries have enacted laws to change this.
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