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To what extent does the media stereotype minorities as crimi

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Elspeth Macintosh

on 14 March 2016

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Transcript of To what extent does the media stereotype minorities as crimi

To what extent does the media stereotype minorities as criminal or violent?
Forms of news media
Ethnic minorities in the UK
Asian or Asian British
Black or Black British
Mixed or multiple ethnic groups
Other ethnic group
Gypsy / traveller
USA examples

In NY on average,
of the people arrested for murder, assault and theft are Black, according to NYPD crime data 2010-2013.

of the people newscasters present as perpetrators of those crimes in NYC are Black.

Exaggerated by

Media representation of Black men and boys in the UK
Shaun Bailey - Conservative politician
"We are represented in the media horribly. Only terrorists are represented as badly. We are shown as sexy, dangerous and exotic. We are either guilty or victims, and if we are victims it is at another black man's hand. You've got entire TV channels set up to celebrate everything that is bad in our community. I despair. These portrayals make black men believe that's what they are."
"Negative mass media portrayals strongly linked with lower life expectations among Black men"
Opportunity Agenda report 2011
Knife crime
"It's kind of depressing to be honest. A black youth will get killed and straightaway it will be drug-related. It makes me think, if I was to die tomorrow, would the media or police tell my mum that it was gang-related even though I'm not involved in gangs?"
Aashreil James, 19, Leeds
Daily Mail
Other newspapers
Social media
A poll found that 78 per cent of respondents of all ethnic backgrounds believe that media portrayal of minorities encourages discrimination. (Independent)
Other International examples
Routine criminalisation of Black men by the media
Gypsy travellers
Fury as travellers set up illegal camp... Families ‘‘in
fear of raids on homes"
Weston Super Mare local newspaper headline
Fear of illegal settling and burglary due to stereotyping
Conflict between two groups of different ethnic makeup e.g. Palestinian Arabs and Israeli jews will cause tension in media and for one group to be portrayed as more violent than another, especially when violent terrorist acts are involved
Study of Palestinian-Arab media Frames and Stereotypes of Israeli Jews found that a portrayal of Israeli military violence was found in Palestinian media
Islamophobia and how stereotyping affects ethnic minority muslims.
portrayal of Arab and Muslim people in Western media
Whites make up 3% of British muslims
"The image of Islam has been hijacked by extremists and it is time to take it back," - Chris Yalounis, author of Kuwaiti government report on Western perceptions of Muslims in the media
Islamophobia / stereotyping as terrorist linked religion
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