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10 Things About Me

No description

Madison Long

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of 10 Things About Me

Madison I play soccer for Brookfield U13 White team 10 Things about #1 #2 I Dance for Brookfield Dance for the Elite team, which is the hightest team for my age I have a 10 year old sister who is in 5th grade, and a 8 year old brother who is in 3rd grade. Every other year my family goes to Cape Cod, Massachusetts for a family reunion! This year the Manby's were able to join us for 1 of the weeks we were there! This is when we went on a kayaking trip for part of the day! #4 #5 I also have a yellow lab named honey:) #6 Every summer I go to an over night camp called Camp Minikani. I go with Julia, and both of our sisters. We stay there for a week! #7 My grandparents own a time share in Hawaii, so my family has been there twice! #8 My family loves to ski! This spring break we went to Breckenridge with the Swarts and Staszkiewiczs #3 Every summer I dive competitively for Western Racquet Club #9 My family loves to cook! Especially my dad. He always wants to host parties, so that he can cook:) #10 Thank you for watching!
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