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Legal Tech Session: Focus on Word

Part 2 in a Tech Series for law students of UGA's School of Law


on 9 February 2015

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Transcript of Legal Tech Session: Focus on Word

So, what is the Audit?
"…hypothesis is that lawyers in general are woefully deficient
in using the software tools at their disposal –
e.g., Word, Acrobat, Excel."

The audit tests this by providing mock assignments.

Sample tasks include:
formatting a motion in
preparing motion exhibits in
creating an arbitration exhibit index in

The specific tasks are of little importance as they are designed to test general skills. The foregoing examples could just as easily be any of the other myriad, routine, low-value-added tasks that lawyers regularly complete on their computers (or should).
The Stats
So What Do I Need to Know?

Apply, modify, and update

Insert and update

Track Changes
to edit a document

Format and change
Header & Footer

Section Breaks

Show/Hide ¶
Lack of Training
"It’s not incompetence, it’s lack of training."

There is a new
American Bar Association rule
for this: amendments were added in August to the ABA’s rules that govern professional competence which now expressly state a duty to be aware of and use technology.
The Legal Tech Audit
Focus on Word
Audit was taken
10 times by 9 firms

(1 firm took it twice)
ALL the firms failed
The audit takes 1 hour (or less) to pass
Best= 2.5 hours
Worst = 8 hours
Average pace = 5 hours
Bay, Monica. "Big Law Whipped for Poor Tech Training." The American Lawyer Online. ALM Media Properties, 22 May 2013. Web. 27 Oct. 2014.
First, let's take a look at the full list:

Why Word?
& Certificate
Exercise #1
Modify and apply a style

View all styles

Apply automatic numbering

Insert and update cross-references

Rearrange sections of a document
Exercise #2
Show and hide

Insert and unlink section breaks

Create an automatically generated Table of Contents

Change page numbering
Exercise #3
Understand the benefits of tracking changes across revisions of a document

Track Change functionality:

showing markup

adding and reviewing changes

rejecting or accepting changes

Removing personal information
Track Changes
On your handout, there is a link to the
Word portion of our tech audit readiness assessment template and instructions.

Attend all three sessions, complete each assessment, and upload them to

Deadline is March 27th

Next session is February 25th (Excel)
Styles & Cross-References
Section Breaks & ToC
Word 2013
Oh my!
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