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The 1593 Trial of Dr. Roderigo Lopez

No description

Anna Savtchouk

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of The 1593 Trial of Dr. Roderigo Lopez

The 1593 Trial of Dr. Rodrigo Lopez
Group 1
Physician to Queen Elizabeth
Born 1525 in Crato, Portugal
Died 1594
Was a "Marrano"- a hidden Jew

Dr. Rodrigo Lopez (Lopes)

Rodrigo might have been the inspiration of the character Shylock in the play
The Merchant of Venice

Was accused of conspiring against the Queen and poisoning her with a few other Spanish men.
January 1st, 1594: he was arrested
February: Convicted of treason
June: Was hanged
The trial

Lopez made a home in London in 1559 and continued to practice medicine
In 1593 Lopez had a home in Holborn, London and was very wealthy
The Queen doubted Lopez because of his guilt
He was later executed by the Queen
Lopez's London Life
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London in 1559
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