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Orientation 2015 Parent Session

No description

Student Success

on 20 July 2015

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Transcript of Orientation 2015 Parent Session

Insider Tips for a
Successful First Year Experience

Financial Information
Social Information
Academic Information
Family/General Information
FY to SO Retention (4 yr institutions)

National Average - 80.0%

Saint Joseph's University - 89.7% (2014)
6 Year Graduation Rates (4 yr institutions)

National Average - 59.4%

Saint Joseph's University - 73.1% (2014)
2014 Pre-Enrollment Survey Data

- 17.2%: I was able to do well in HS with minimal effort

- 88.5%: felt it somewhat or very likely to make Dean's List during the first semester (3.5 GPA)
- 24.4% actually made Dean's List
Study vs. Class Time

College = hard work...students choose to be here
In class: 15-18 hours per week

Reality: 20-25 hours of study time per week
University Connector -
Summer emails

Academic Advising
Academic Advisor for a declared vs. undeclared major
Academic Advisor vs. the Advising Centers
Support Services on Campus
Office of Learning Resources
Writing Center
Career Development Center
Counseling & Psychological Services
Student Disability Services
Student Success & First Year Experience
Student Outreach and Support
The Rebound Program


All first year students who earn a GPA below
2.0 in the fall semester

Self assessment, group workshops, and
individual mentor meetings

To get back on track academically
Potential merit scholarship implications
Summer Courses at SJU

Class grade will raise or lower cumulative GPA

D or better is a passing grade
Summer Courses elsewhere

Class grade does not effect GPA

Need a C or better in order for the credits to transfer back to SJU
Some Other Academic Points

Add/Drop (Sept. 1) vs. Withdrawal from a class (Oct. 30)

Taking 4 classes vs. 5 classes

Accommodations with Student Disability Services need to be renewed each year
Meeting People at College...

* 1,000+ Facebook friends but no one to eat lunch with

* Talk to people (limit Facebook, texting, etc.)
ex. cell phones in class, not meeting classmates

* Put yourself out there

* Keep making friends, don't limit yourself

* Video game console in the dorm room (not a great idea)
"Weekender" Listserv

Sponsored by WADE (Wellness, Alcohol, and Drug Education)
Emails sent out on Thursdays listing fun and free events on campus and in the local area
Students on the list are anonymous
Checking In Survey (Class of 2018)

50% - Social transition was somewhat/very easy

74% - Somewhat/very successful at making friends

70% - Somewhat/very successful at adjusting to the social environment
Greek Life at SJU

* Recruitment takes place in the Spring semester

* 3 Fraternities and 5 Sororities to choose from
+ 180 men, 791 women (20% of undergrads)

* Minimum GPA - 2.5
Iñigo First Year Experience

+ Iñigo vs. In. I. Go.
+ Goal is to create a sense of belonging for all first year students
+ Day of Service, Road Trip, 4 Halls, etc.
Tuition Bills

* Emailed to the student "sju.edu" email address

* Students can assign access to Ebill through the New Hawks Portal
* Parent/Guardian email address

* Tentative date: July 6, 2015
Opportunities to lower costs...
Loyola Scholarship
Apply to become an RA
Merit Scholarship reductions

-Scholarships tied to a minimum GPA requirement

-Reductions are based on the academic year
-students can appeal after the Fall semester if their cumulative GPA rises above the minimum

-If a student's GPA falls below the minimum:
-20% reduction the first time
-Additional 5% reduction the second time

**Students will always have at least 75% of the original scholarship**
~~Financial Holds~~

An Unpaid tuition balance greater than $500 prevents students from registering for classes and receiving a transcript
Tuition Refund Schedule (20% reduction each week)
~applies to WD all classes or WD from SJU~

Before the end of Add/Drop (Sept. 1) = 100%

Each subsequent week = 20% less

After the 5th week = 0%
FERPA - Parent Access to Information (Yes or No - students select)
Financial Aid
Academic Information
Allows SJU employees to talk with parents

*Parent Community coming Fall 2015*
Time Management for Students

* Much more free time than in high school

* Need to know their sleep needs
A Need for Office Supplies...
*Planner *Scissors
*Stapler *Highlighter
*Paper Clips *Pens/Pencils
*Notebooks *Folders
Extended Absence
(Notification Policy for students missing extended class time)

+Send an email to success@sju.edu

+Professors, Academic Advisor, Associate Dean, Advising Center, and Student are all notified

+Others as appropriate
No Car...No Privacy
Family Weekend (September 18-20)
Showing you their "home away from home"

Fall Break (October 12-13) - Monday and Tuesday

Thanksgiving Break (Begins November 25th)
Coming home to see their friends
Rites of Passage for College Students

- from past associations
- isolating and stressful

- begin to interact in new ways with members of the new group into which membership is sought

- new patterns of interaction fully embedded
- begin to interact once again with past group members but now as members of the new group

Leaving College
, Tinto, 2012
Top 3 Takeaways from Today...

1) Encourage your son/daughter to get involved early at SJU
Activities Fair: Thursday, 8/27
Freshman Day of Service: Saturday, 8/29
Road Trips: Friday-Saturday, 9/11-12 & 10/2-3

2) Have a conversation this summer to set expectations and get everyone on the same page
Don't forget to pick up your
purple paper
before leaving

3) We're all here to help your son/daughter succeed
When in doubt...success@sju.edu
~Scholarships are not increased for performing above the minimum GPA requirement

~Tuition generally increases 2-3% per year
Public Transportation
Overbrook train station
SEPTA buses

*Discount tickets available*
Early Move-in Program Options
Running Start
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