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Middle Age Enlightenment

No description

Ian Dupont

on 5 February 2015

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Transcript of Middle Age Enlightenment

Middle Age Enlightenment
Joan of Arc
This painting was painted in the time of late-Medieval France and completed around 1400. These paintings that included zodiac signs started to become more and more popular, soon enough there were 100 paintings like this. This painting shows cultural progression because they are starting to make artwork and are being able to express themselves more.
The Medieval Manor
Medieval Manors were village-like farms that spread all across Europe, right after the Collapse of Rome. The Lord of the Manor controlled civil rights and privileges, making the Peasants who worked on the farm poor and the Lord of the Manor rich. The Medieval Manors is an example on how the Middle Ages were actually successful. The Manors based the harvest of their crops on the seasons, and used technology to help the Peasants do their job quicker. They also had a Church, so the spiritual faith that the peasants and the Lord had were increasing in Europe.
The Medieval Economic Laws
The Medieval Economic Laws were written in the beginning of the 9th century, what is now France and Germany. During this time, intellectual thinking was starting to appear in many civilizations, such as new languages and inventions. These laws told the Saxons (the people of this town) about the new Currency, trade, and the harsh punishments that might occur if you break these laws. This obviously shows an advance breakthrough in the Middle Ages, because of the Political order, Economic trade, and the Culture that these new laws produced.
Oseburg Longship
This so called "Dark Age" was actually a time of spiritual, political, cultural, and economic progression.
Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore
The viking long ship was made in approximately 890 C.E. This ship was useful in ways such as trade, transportation of goods, and sometimes warfare. This long ship, designed for maximum versatility, shows economic development during this time because this ship is being used for trade
The Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore was built in Rome in 435 C.E. It is a christian church built in honor of who they believed was the mother of god. This shows spiritual progression because they are building a tower in honor of someone who was supposedly the mother of god. Also The Romans started have faith and hope that there was a spiritual being that was looking over them.
(or Joan of Dark?)
Notre Dame de Paris
The Tower of London
The Tower of London was a Royal Residence, protection base, and an execution destination located in central London. William the Conqueror made this giant base after the Battle of Hastings in 1066, when he invaded and conquered England. Many executions had happened in the Tower of London, including Anne Boleyn and Lord Hastings. The Tower of London provoked political authority and justice, coming from the executions, but also provoking Social Status. This shows a Dark Age because of the inequality and unfairness that happened inside these giant Towers.
The trial of Joan of Arc was held after her capture in 1430. After receiving visions from God and leading an army to lift the siege of Orleans, Joan of Arc was tried for heresy. The trial of Joan of Arc is an example of a dark age because it shows spiritual regression, she was tried and found guilty of heresy showing religious intolerance when she claimed to have visions from God. Her trial is also an example of social regression because she was executed for not acting like a girl. Joan of Arc's trial is a large example of a dark age and regression.
Notre Dame is a cathedral build in Paris in the 10th century. Notre Dame resembles architectural expertise and cultural advancement. The glass used to make the rose window, shown in the background, must've involved trading and economic prosperity.
If a category has a "N/A" this means that the source doesn't belong in that category. If something is bold, that means that the source fits in that category the most.
"Dark" Age
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