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Otzi The Iceman

No description

KayAnna Rowley

on 22 February 2014

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Transcript of Otzi The Iceman

Otzi The Iceman
Describe the physical characteristics and marks on the mummy
*Otzi The Iceman was found in the Tisenjoch Pass beneath the Finail Peak in northern Italy.
*From nine different samples of the Iceman's bones found that he was around 45.7 years old.
What do we know about the iceman's age, gender, religion, and cause of death?

Describe artifacts found with the mummy and what they reveal.
*Otzi was between 5'2"-5'4" and he weighed about 110 pounds.
*He was found with a hole in the back of his head and tattoos of lines all over his body.
*Archaeologists concluded that Otzi was a shepherd of the sort.
*They also said that when he died that his was ambushed or murdered and his body froze and preserved itself.
What other facts have archaeologists concluded about this persons life or death?
What has the mummy revealed about its society?
*The copper ax found with the mummy symbolized different ranks which also tells us that the Iceman held a high class rank and was possibly a tribal leader or warrior.
*Archaeologists used CAT scans, X-Rays, microscopic examination, and also DNA tests.
What technology was used to study this mummy?
Arhcaeologists had to find out who he was, how old he was, when he lived, when he died, what was his gender, etc.
*Radiologists use radiographs see if the mummy had any medical conditions
*Pathologist addresses the four components of disease: cause, development, alteration of cells and the permanent damages.
*Botanists study the plants and food found with Otzi.
*Anthropologists look at the cultural traits of the iceman, language, and religion.
What is the role of all the experts who studied Otzi?
By KayAnna Rowley
Where was this mummy found?
How old is it?
*His bone samples suggested that Otzi was about 45.7 years of age.
*His tibia, shin bone and other leg bone s that were compared to male bones suggested that he was male.
*Based on the scant of the Copper Age find discoveries that Otzi was apart of the Alpine group.
*Theories about his death include that he froze to death or was injured in a ambush or fight.
*Some artifacts found with they mummy were a copper ax, dagger and sheath, flint sharpener, and birch medicine.
*The birch medicine was not medicine but a material to start fires.
*These other tools told us how the mummy lived, hunted and what time period he live in.
Birch Medicine
What are some unaswered questions about Otzi?
*Who killed Otzi?
*Was he married?
*Did he have kids?
*Where he was coming from/going?
*Who killed Otzi?
*Why was he killed?
*What was his real name?
*Where did he live?
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