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Welcome to JMG!

Noble High School 2012-2013

Jeff Kaste

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to JMG!

Your Personal Class to Life Outside of Noble
Welcome to JMG!
And Why am I in it??
What is JMG?
AKA What the Heck will I be doing this year??
What's the Curriculum like?
Answer: OH YAH!!
Are there Trips to go on?
Making some Coin
Fund Raising
Help out, feel good, and GET CS HOURS!
Community Service
Have a Role in how our Class operates!
I&I/ Officer Elections/ Career Association
What can JMG/Mr. Kaste do for you?
Beyond Noble
-Teamwork skills
-Leadership building
-Communication skills
-Financial Literacy
-Philanthropy (giving money and time)
-Career Exploration
-Job Skills
-Job Attainment
-Post Secondary Prep
-Aiding you with help in your other classes
-Organizational Skills
-Overcoming adversity
In the classroom, JMG works on:
JMG is:

Non-Profit company
-School to work originally
-Member of
-School to work, military, or post secondary education now
Aids with Barriers
to education
-Career Prep class.
-Also a High School Prep class!
Opportunity for Other Trips?

-Museum trips
-Community Service trips
-Anything you can find/think of that relates to JMG!

Of course, this all depends on
Required JMG Trips:
-Leadership Education Conference (LEC)
Overnight trip with tons of other JMG kids learning leadership qualities through wicked fun activities.
October 2014
-Career Development Conference (CDC)
Overnight trip to Augusta Civic Center to compete against ALL JMG schools in a career based fair/competition atmosphere.
April 2015
Fund raising ideas:
Lobster Raffle
(Done last year and was successful!)
Some kind of sporting event
(3 on 3 basketball tourney?)
Selling items
(flowers, food (no candy boo), clothes, supplies, etc)
Outside of school event
(car wash, yard sale, host a 5k?)
Whatever you can think of!!
JMG is a
that's like a
! If you want to do something, buy something, start something, YOU need to make that effort.
I am here to help!
We need to find something to do for community service as a class:
-Can be in school (helping with cleaning, copying, aiding in an event, etc)
-Can be out of school (reading to elementary school kids, cleaning up community, etc)

You can also do your own hours of CS obviously, but they wont count for your JMG hours

This is a PRIORITY this year and we will be doing it!!
Required JMG CS Hours= 5 hours

Can you do more? YUP

-Initiation and Installation (I&I)

Ceremony to initiate all JMG students officially into JMG company.

-Closing Ceremony
Rather than having an I&I, we can choose to have a closing ceremony where we celebrate the year that we had and reflect on what made it super successful and what could be different to make next year better!
-Career Association

Name of the club aspect for JMG. Group of leaders or leaders in the making who want to establish JMG as a prominent organization! Meetings after school, organize fund raising, etc.
-Officer Elections
These will be your leaders! They will be voted for based on an election process within class. Responsible for organization, aiding with outside of class material, and helping their fellow JMGers.
Also helping Mr. Kaste with trip logistics, creative ideas for class, and other things!
Like I said before, JMG is a class that is like a club and every good club needs a few leaders!
I will hook you up with whatever you want to do after Noble, during Noble, and beyond! (It's my job!)
Need help in any of the following? See me!
-Getting ready to apply/applying for college
-Part time jobs during school
-Summer jobs
-Full time work after graduation
-Military application
-Anything I missed? I am game!
I will be meeting with local business owners and employers to make sure they know I have students that want to work, want internships, and want a future!
-First and foremost this is a
class. I am here to help you become a part of the world outside of Noble High School and when you step into my class professionalism takes over.
means is:
Appropriate language and subject matter
Respect yourself, your classmates, and me
Coming to class on a regular basis
Arrive on time
Arrive prepared to learn, work, speak, participate, etc.
Know yourself. Know your strengths. Know your weaknesses.
If you cannot follow these rules, disciplinary measures will be taken and eventually you CAN be removed from JMG. This class is a PRIVILEGE, not a requirement.
Classroom Rules and Regulations
If you come to class some days and you cannot be a professional for one reason or another,


Sometimes we all have

"those days"
But as a professional you should have the courtesy to make me, Mr. Kaste, aware.
Academic Remediation
Career Exploration
Civic Engagement
Social Awareness
Work Habits

Work Habits
, but are
not limited to
-Coming to class
-Coming to class
on time
-Being a positive AND active member of class
-Completing work in a timely fashion
-Helping with out of class activities, assignments, responsibilities, etc.
Noble JMG Standards
I want to make one last statement:
This class is going to be fun.
Fun is allowed!
You can be professional and have a good time. You are all fully aware of what is appropriate for school and what is not. This is
elementary school. I will be treating you like
professional young adults
and the choices you make will determine your future in my class.

Don't Panic
. All's well that ends well. If it's not well, it's not the end.
Urban Adventure:
8th Grade Trips
A field trip that is scheduled for early April where students will go to Portland to explore the city and make connections with local businesses. Only for students who show initiative!
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