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Seed Dispersal lesson for 4th grade

No description

Nikki Shifter

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Seed Dispersal lesson for 4th grade

How are seeds dispersed? Seed Dispersal Seeds with hard shells trap air
inside and float on water.

An example is the coconut. By Water Internal and External

INTERNAL: Animals eat all of the parts of a fruit, including the seeds. The seeds are released as excrement in a new location.

EXTERNAL: Some seeds have special sticky or spikey coverings, which stick to an animal's fur and can be carried long distances. By Animals Seeds dry in the sun and burst open,
falling to the ground. Mechanical By Wind Seeds travel when the wind blows them. Seeds have different shapes which help them travel. Helicopters Gliders Parachutes Your Inquiry Examine the seeds in your collection and make a hypothesis about how they are dispersed.

Record your hypothesis and supporting evidence in the chart. The Challenge Create a seed adaptation that can carry your seed the furthest using the wind from a fan. Gravity Seeds fall to the ground and roll away from the parent plant where the casing rots and a new plant can take root.
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